Hog Roast Neston

Those Vikings certainly made an impact in Britain all those years ago. The legacy of their time on these shores is reflected in town names across the UK. The north west has its fair share of Viking remnants with Neston being one of them, Neston is derived from the old Norse which means ‘farmstead near the promontory’, which basically means land overlooking a body of water. That’s quite a good description for this town on the Wirral peninsula.

This former mining town and port is home to fifteen thousand people and it’s a fair bet that many of the people in Neston have been to their fair share of functions over the years, so has the Viking influence also made an impact on what Neston folk like to eat at these occasions? Could there be a hog roast Neston influence going on?

When you ask people about the Vikings, you will often hear what a fierce and brutal bunch they were, but there is also every possibility that they helped introduce hog roast to Neston and the other parts of Britain that they ‘paid a visit’ to. Hog roast Neston’s birthplace? Well, there is no evidence to say that’s true but, who knows? Hog Roast Neston might just be where it all started.

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Hog roast seems like a Viking dish, doesn’t it? It has that down to earth, rustic and earthy quality of food at its most basic yet tastiest, and maybe hundreds of Vikings enjoyed hog roast in Neston all those years ago. But I wonder if the Vikings could even begin to imagine how the people of twenty first century Neston would enjoy their hog roast just as much, but in many different ways too? After all, a hog roast was probably a meal for Vikings to celebrate some new victory or conquest rather than to mark some happy event or get together. They would most likely have scoffed at the thought of people in Neston eating hog roast for pleasure!

Times have certainly changed and hog roast Neston way is very different to how the Vikings would have seen it. Hog roast is now a favourite of people not just in Neston but of partygoers and diners all over the British Isles. It’s a remarkable change for a warrior’s food.

One thing the Vikings would have liked is the fact that a Neston hog roast is a superb way to provide amazing tasting food that also looks fantastic for a reasonable price. A Neston hog roast function gives you a chance to show off and provide your guests with some of the best catering they will ever enjoy at a Neston event, let alone anywhere else. Hog roast is a food that looks as good as it tastes, so your Neston guests will not only be enthralled with the superb flavours and aromas but they will be mightily impressed with the theatrical visuals of the hog roast machine and caterer in action. A Neston hog roast is something the Vikings would have approved of.