Hog Roast Newnham

There really is nothing quite like a bit of a special occasion to get everyone excited. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, special anniversary, christening or a big corporate event with important guests, everybody loves a good ‘do’. If you live in a small town or village then these can also be a great opportunity to build a bit of community spirit and catch up with locals. Don’t underestimate the power of a local event to really build that local bond.

Newnham in Gloucestershire is just the sort of village that we are talking about and if you live in the village and have an event to organise then maybe you should note my advice and make sure that you consider making it a hog roast Newnham event.

Hog roast is a very welcome blast from our Medieval past and is Great British event cooking at its absolute finest. There must have been no greater sight in Medieval times that being greeted by a majestic looking hog roast cooking away on a huge open fire. It seems that they really knew how to cater for people in Medieval times and it seems that twenty first century event organisers have cottoned on to the magic offered by hog roast. Now, when you listen to event organisers up and down the nation, you hear that more and more and turning to this old traditional feast. Here in Gloucestershire it is no different and hog roast hire Newnham events are becoming increasingly popular. Hog roast Newnham events are very much in the ascendancy.

There can be no more welcoming a feast than a hog roast. Everything about this glorious meat screams taste and attention to detail, and when you look a little deeper, you begin to realise that a hog roast hire Newnham chef’s job really is a tough one and not quite the walk in the park that you may have thought. It is no surprise that they take their jobs very seriously and apply themselves with total professionalism to every event they cater for.

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It all starts with the chef selecting the very best meat for the task in hand. Now, you may wonder why such care is required when selecting the meat but you might be surprised to learn just how much difference a quality cut of meat makes to a feast as seemingly simple as a hog roast. You must have seen all the TV chefs going on and on about the importance of selecting only the very best ingredients for every meal they make? Well, this is not just talk on their part, it really does make a difference. We have all been to the supermarket and chanced it with a cheap bit of steak only to find that it was incredible disappointing. Well, a Newnham hog roast requires the same level of care when choosing the meat. Go for the wrong pig and you get the wrong sort of taste. Simple as that. It is not a gamble that you will find a hog roast chef make at all. Every hog roast that a chef cooks uses only a quality pig that they have taken time to carefully select from a local supplier. Don’t forget, with hog roast you have one main ingredient so it just has to be perfect.

One other thing that it is worth noting about a hog roast Newnham event is that you can actually feed a fair number of people from just the one hog roast. Yes, you may think that the one pig is pretty big but it can feed a quite staggering one hundred or more people, which is probably a lot more than you actually need. Perhaps it is time to add a few names to your guest list!

Cooking a hog roast is a long process, there is no escaping the fact but this is where the hog roast chef really puts the work in. It can take six hours to cook the perfect hog roast, but believe me, it will be perfect. Six hours gives the meat the perfect amount of time to release those amazing flavours that make the meat taste so juicy and succulent. And of course, you’ll be wanting great crackling, won’t you? Well, you will experience some of the best when the hog roast is ready to serve!

Hog roast really is an all round crowd pleaser with fantastic flavours and fresh cooking visual appeal, so make your Newnham event special with a hog roast.