Hog Roast Newport

The industrial revolution certainly helped shape many of the towns and cities we live in today. A location’s geography could have contributed hugely to a town’s success during this most important period in history. Previously small towns were transformed into the huge developments that they are today. And whilst Newport may not be a huge city, it was certainly given a helping hand in this period of Welsh history. Dinas Casnewydd was one of the ports that Welsh coal was transported to and this led the docks becoming some of the most important around. This in turn helped Newport grow and it is now a busy city of over one hundred and forty thousand people. The city is more diverse in its industries now, serving many sectors. And now it would seem that Newport is, like many of regions of Wales and the UK, becoming a bit more diverse in its choice of event catering, with the hog roast Newport becoming a new favourite.

So what has caused this new wave of interest in choosing a hog roast hire Newport based event when there are more traditional and easier options available? Maybe it is something to do with something as plain and simple as taste. You see people are getting g used to seeing great food cooked on TV these days, and more often than not, chefs are going back to basics with their meals, showing you that incredible food is really down to a couple of things: great quality ingredients and great cooking. Of course, this is all stuff that the hog roast chef knew already!

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This back to basics approach to producing great meals has turned people on to looking for ‘real’ food for their special occasions, and about time. Food that packs great flavours, that is freshly prepared with only the best ingredients and of course, it has to represent great value for money. It all points towards a hog roast Newport event.

Watch those chefs on TV and they will labour the point that the raw ingredients are the key to great cooking. Corn fed this and pedigree that...but it is all completely true. You will not get great tasting food from poor quality ingredients. Well, you may not see our hog roast chefs presenting programmes on TV but they are no different when it comes to meat. When you book a hog roast chef then you are also choosing a fine quality whole pig from a reliable, reputable source. This is not your cheap supermarket cuts: this is quality meat.

You will also hear the TV chefs go on about slow cooking and how important it is not too rush the cooking process. A Newport hog roast chef will be very familiar with this approach to cooking because it is fundamental to the success of each and every hog roast that they cook. Let’s face it, a whole pig looks incredible when it is cooking away but it takes time. Six hours long in fact (but don’t worry, it will have been pre-started before your event, so you won’t go starving). That slow roasting is critical to the hog roast as it allows the all important juices to mature in the meat, making it juicy and incredibly tasty. And don’t forget the crackling, because slow roasting is the route to perfect crackling.

Hog roast not only tastes amazing but it can look quite special too. Not just when it is slowly roasting away on the dazzling hog roast machine but also when it is served up. Many people assume hog roast is only for serving on rolls, but you may be very pleasantly surprised at how professional hog roast looks when beautifully carved and plated up with apple sauce, crackling and accompaniments.

If you want to impress your guests, whatever the event or occasion, then maybe it’s time to choose one of the most traditional options of them all by making it a hog roast event why not try a hog roast hire Newport event for your next celebration..