Hog Roast Northwich

If you are thinking of holding a special event or function in the months ahead then now is the time to start thinking about the food. It may seem a bit premature to dwell on such things but good catering is always in demand so you need to get in there nice and early. I should know as I am the hog roast hire Northwich caterer and I am getting busier and busier every month.

Over the last few years, something really exciting seems to be happening in the catering world. It seems that the same old boring meals that people have put up with for years and years are finally falling out of favour. Good riddance I say. The times I have been to function in my pre caterer days where the food was simply atrocious was incredible. There is absolutely nothing ‘special’ about cold sausage rolls or a bowl of chilli that has hardly any meat in it. It’s one of the reasons I decided to pack in the boring old customer service job and take on the challenge of becoming a hog roast hire Northwich caterer. It’s a challenge I relish and one that I seem to be doing very well at, I think! Certainly if the incredible feedback I keep receiving from my customers is anything to go by.

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I think it is safe to say that hog roasts are the way to go when planning a special event. Hog roast seems to be a very popular choice and one that seems to be universally loved for its wonderful flavour and visual appeal. I must admit, I did not realise just how important the visual appeal of hog roast was until I started out in this venture. I knew that becoming a hog roast Northwich caterer would be a learning curve but I have had to become a bit of an actor, too. Well, in a way. You see hog roast looks brilliant when you first set your eyes on it. It really is a quite majestic looking feast which really does stand out and looks quite special and a little extravagant, so you have to go with it. I try to look extra smart and professional when the doors are opened for these events and I get to see the guests having a good old stare at the hog roast in a very admiring manner.

But let’s not forget, the real magic of being a hog roast Northwich caterer is in the food itself. Hog roast simply has to be one of the tastiest catering solutions there is on the market. Here is a big food that is big on flavour. This is traditional cooking at its very best, and you cannot get a lot more traditional than a meal that has been around since medieval times, can you? Medieval it may be but hog roast is proving itself to be very much a modern day catering superhero that can provide a great solution to any type of event possible.

As a hog roast Northwich chef, I have been asked to cook at almost every type of event imaginable and I have found that hog roast really does come up trumps time and again. Kids love the flavour of hog roast, adults love the traditional roast flavour, corporate events and weddings love the classy side of hog roast which can make a really spectacular gourmet hog roast, and garden parties really come alive when I set up and serve hog roast rolls. But there is more to hog roast than meets the eye. It may look incredible and taste like a million dollars but were you aware of just what great value hog roast represents? Well, if you have a big Northwich party planned, one of my hog roasts could be just the ideal solution for you. Why? Because just one standard sized hog roast will be enough to feed over one hundred diners! It’s a lot of people from one pig. And of course, with so much great tasting freshly cooked meat on offer, it may just mean that you can add a few more names to your guest list and keep a few people very happy. Not bad for such a seemingly extravagant meal, is it?

Take it from me, hog roast is a great way to treat your special event guests to the best possible food. Make your Northwich function a hog roast function to remember by serving up some of the best meat there is!