Hog Roast Ribchester

Ribchester is one of those town names that people not from the area think they have heard of but, well, aren’t that knowledgeable about. That’s a shame because the Lancashire town of Ribchester is a pretty nice place indeed.

Ribchester is home to a small population of around fifteen hundred people, but don’t let the small number of people living here make you think there is nothing going on here. Ribchester has a strong sense of community, make no mistake. And when it comes to entertaining, Ribchester folk – like the rest of the UK – are becoming big fans of hog roast. People of hog roast Ribchester unite!

Just because a town is small, the need to put on a great ‘do’ now and again remains the same, so the hog roast Ribchester philosophy is to ensure you put on the best possible food. Invariably that means a hog roast Ribchester evening!

Why is it that Ribchester has followed the rest of the nation in the growing appreciation for this Medieval feast? Maybe it is something to do with for the hog roasting process which takes a significant six hours from start to finish. That’s what it takes the hog roast chef to ensure the perfect pork for your Ribchester diners.

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Does that long cooking time make a difference? Of course. Slow cooking helps those all important flavours seep through the meat, ensuring you get some of the very tastiest meat you will taste this side of the Pennines, if not anywhere!

But what makes hog roast the new favourite when choosing catering for an event? After all, there are lots of catering options available. You can even get stuck in and sort out catering yourself if you wanted, but you need to consider your options carefully. For a start, do you really want to be making a few hundred sandwiches, cooking fifty chicken drumsticks and eight pizzas the morning of the event (and that’s just a fraction of the work) only to see most of it untouched? And then there’s the food itself. Why settle for the same old tired catering options that nobody really cares for when you could be serving up a wonderful tasting hog roast? It will be a new, exciting and positive experience for alkl your guests and something that they will remember for years to come.

And don’t forget that hog roast is a sight to behold. If you have never seen a Ribchester hog roast chef in action before then you are in for a treat. The whole process and spectacle really looks special. Seeing the whole pig slowly roasting away is amazing. Do you still want to make sandwiches? Of course not.

Hog roast tastes incredible, so if you want your Ribchester event guests to go away talking about what a fantastic night they had, it has to be hog roast. Great value, quirky and look brilliant. Hog roast really is the all action Ribchester hero that can add a little magic to your special event.