Hog Roast Rickmansworth

Rickmansworth is a nice place; a small town with an Aquadrome (a public park and nature reserve with lakes that used to be gravel quarries). One of the lakes is a popular place for water-skiing. The Aquadrome has a Green Flag award. The cricket club is one of the oldest in the country, and we also have a leisure centre and golf club. There are lots of local events, including The Rickmansworth Players’ (an amateur dramatics society) musicals and plays, Rickmansworth Historical Society, the annual "Ricky Week" celebrations in May, the Rickmansworth Festival and the annual Ricky Road Run (Rickmansworth is locally referred to as “Ricky”).

So, although it’s a small town, there is plenty going on. We are hog roast caterers based in Rickmansworth, offering hog roast Rickmansworth and hog roast hire Rickmansworth. Hog roast Rickmansworth is when we provide our full catering service, which comes with decorations (including balloons), serviettes and bread rolls. All our hog roasts come with crackling and we always use applesauce and spices to bring out the flavour here at hog roast Rickmansworth. We also offer hog roast hire Rickmansworth for those with a more hands on approach, where clients hire hog roast machines from us, if they prefer to do it themselves.

Catering in and around Rickmansworth is always interesting. We get to cater for all sorts of different events and meet lots of different people. We tend to cater for private parties mostly (such as weddings and birthdays) but we get a fair share of corporate clients as well, and we have previously catered for community events and public sector clients. Every job is different. I’ve catered for many engagement parties and weddings, for instance, but no two are ever the same. So there’s a lot of variety.

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The job also, sometimes, requires thinking on your feet. I’ve turned up to cater for corporate events and had events managers suddenly change their mind and say they want balloons in the company colours. I’ve had brides-to-be change their minds all the time, or the number of guests attending a birthday party get higher and higher as the day approaches. I’ve had small retirement parties slowly become much bigger retirement parties. I’ve had clients change their mind about the venue. So you pretty much have to be prepared for anything.

One thing I’ve always found, though, is that clients are always quite pleasant people to talk to. I often wish I could chat to them longer, but we’re always busy here at hog roast Rickmansworth. A perk of the job is that you get a kind of ‘access all areas’ sort of privilege; I don’t mean to imply I’ve seen anything worth knowing, but just that I’ve been inside many different places and talked to a lot of industry insiders. My favourites were delivering a hog roast machine to the offices of local media and talking to the journalists, and delivering a machine to a large garage and getting in an involved conversation with a mechanic (I like cars).

Like all other self-employed people and business owners, hog roast catering requires a lot of discipline and motivation. You’ve got to adhere to high standards, pay lots of attention to detail, and deliver great customer service. I always make carving the roast look good, too. The catering industry has always been a competitive one, and that’s not going to change any time soon.

Today we were catering for an engagement party in a community centre. We’d put up the balloons and had the hog roast turning in the machine, radiating heat and its delicious aroma. The couple were friendly and I took a liking to them; we talked for a bit while we waited for the guests to arrive. The woman was a lot older than the man, and we got talking about families and age discrimination and stuff. It’s quite interesting to hear the viewpoint of people who are being judged. Then the guests arrived and we were busy meeting and greeting them and filling glasses. The night went very well and everyone had a good time – even us, and we were just catering! (It’s still fun being in at atmosphere where everyone else is having fun). I love seeing people enjoy the roasts that we work hard preparing for them. It makes me feel good. Hog roast catering is a fulfilling job – although we’re always busy at hog roast Rickmansworth, it is totally worth it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.