Hog Roast Ringwood

Ringwood is one of those English market towns which seems to have just about everything going for it. The twelve thousand people who call Ringwood home live in a vibrant town with a rich history and great local facilities. For the real ale drinker, Ringwood is ideal as it is home to the Ringwood Brewery, a very well known local brewery.

Ringwood is also very near to one of the nation’s most precious natural habitats which is home to a fantastic variety of wildlife. In fact pigs run freely in the New Forest, including the famous Saddleback breed. Quite appropriate really as Ringwood is also enjoying pigs of a different form of late in the shape of hog roast Ringwood events.

If you think about it, Ringwood and the hog roast were made for each other. If you wanted to get all historical about it then you could say that the two go together like strawberries and cream. You can picture the scene now, a fantastic huge pig cooking away whilst the hog roast hire Ringwood chef tends to the cooking and guests watch on, drinking their real ale. Sounds idyllic.

If you like the sound of that then why not make it happen? Organising a hog roast Ringwood event gives you the perfect excuse to design and create just the the sort of event that you want. All the basic elements are there for you. There’s great beer (which we know all about) and you have the great historic backdrop of Ringwood itself and you have the expertise of the hog roast hire Ringwood chef, who can cook you an absolutely perfect pig!

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Now, at this point you may be thinking that hog roast sounds a little bit expensive, maybe a little old fashioned, dull and certainly out of touch but you would be wrong on all counts. Let me explain to you why hog roast is very definitely a fantastic idea for your special occasion catering.

Let’s net mince our words; event catering can be rubbish. Something seems to happen to many people when they organise events. They seem to lose sight of what it actually is they want to achieve from a special event. They seem to forget about the word ‘special’. Thus they choose the cheapest and most unexciting catering they can possibly find, and that means lousy. Why do they do this? The solution is so simple and it is big and pig shaped!

Hog roast is one of the most incredible tasting, visually impressive, fun and sociable foods that you can possibly choose as the catering at your event. Hog roast oozes flavour, extravagance and history and it is always a big hit with everyone who tries it. Hog roast really is a catering sensation. Better still it is one of the most cost effective catering solutions out there....but how can that be? Well, the hog roast Ringwood chef is a pretty clever character for they can magic up over one hundred servings from a single standard sized pig. That’s a lot of meat and it really helps bring down your cost per head. Amazing really as hog roast really is a top notch meal that requires a lot of hard work into making it so special. For example did you know that hog roast is not simply a couple of hours in the cooking? Far from it, your Ringwood pig takes a slow six hours cooking to complete, but why so long? Well, as any good chef will tell you, meat tastes better when it has been slowly roasted. It is this careful slow roasting that helps develop the all important juices inside the meat, and they in turn make hog roast supremely tasty. You also get those incredible aromas that are so distinctive.

Great meat, great flavour, hours of cooking...hog roast really is a big food but it is also one of the most versatile feasts that you will ever book for a special occasion. You may not have considered hog roast as an option for a formal occasion but you may need to rethink that, because hog roast can really be an amazing meal. The hog roast chef can carve the hog beautifully, serving it as a gourmet hog roast dinner. Stunning stuff. Or of course, you can settle for hog roast rolls with sauce and crackling. The most amazing hand held and tastiest party meal ever invented.

After all this, if you are not convinced about hog roast for your Ringwood event then I really think you need a pint of real ale!