Hog Roast Saffron Walden

Some places sound reassuringly English. Saffron Walden is one such place. This is a beautiful market town in Essex. Almost English picture postcard beautiful, with its stunning architecture and buildings including St Mary’s Church, which, at 193 feet, is the tallest spire in the county of Essex.

Many of Saffron Walden’s buildings date back to medieval times, the time when hog roast first came to prominence in the British Isles. Wander round the town of Saffron Walden and you can easily imagine just how atmospheric the town would have been in those medieval times with roaring fires and hog roast slowly cooking. The town air would have been filled with the incredible aroma of hog roast. It really would have been a hog roast Saffron Walden atmosphere.

A little imagination can bring the old hog roast Saffron Walden back to life but it’s not really necessary to shut your eyes and picture the scene. Hog roast has never really been away in Saffron Walden, it has just been keeping a very low profile, as any dignified character does! Hog roast is not a food that needs to shout its name from the rooftops or be overhyped. Hog roast has always been a wonder food and always will be, especially with the latest advances in hog roast catering available to Saffron Walden and other parts of the UK.

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Hog roast Saffron Walden style, whilst retaining the basics of the very first medieval techniques, is quite different in twenty first century Britain. For a start, the professional hog roast caterer takes care of everything so you can relax and enjoy your event in style. The hog roast caterer will look after every aspect of the cooking by tending dutifully to the top quality fresh pig. The hog roast machine is a wonderful piece of equipment that helps to ensure your Saffron Walden hog roast is cooked to complete and utter perfection. It’s still hog roast in the traditional sense, so don’t worry. Cooking history hasn’t been disregarded here. The hog roast machine simply adds a bit of modern day know-how to the medieval process!

One thing that certainly hasn’t changed over the years is the painstaking cooking process, with a typical Saffron Walden hog roast taking up to six long hours to cook. This long, slow process, together with the top quality prime pig, ensures that the finished hog roast will be a taste sensation for all your Saffron Walden diners.

Hog roast is a truly delicious meal that will grace any fine Saffron Walden occasion. Wedding receptions can enjoy a culinary escape from the usual tedium with a beautifully carved hog roast and accompanying fresh vegetables. The juicy, flavoursome meat is delightful and sure to be enjoyed by everyone. Special functions can also make hog roast the centrepiece of their Saffron Walden event and marquee events will be made even more special with the addition of a glorious hog roast for all to see.

Saffron Walden and hog roast: a meal match made in medieval history