Hog Roast Southbourne

Sometimes it is just nice to get away from it all. A few hours away from the computer, the television and the crowds. It can be lovely to stroll by the sea and take in the seaside air without the attention of thousands of other people to destroy the peace. It all sounds very idyllic but, in truth, there are not many seaside places that will afford you that opportunity. Luckily, Southbourne is one of them, yet it could have been so different.

It seems that Southbourne once had dreams of being something a little more lively, so much so that the town once had its very own pier, and during its short lifetime, the pier was quite popular. However the forces of nature seemed to be not so keen on the pier and two storms at the beginning of the twentieth century rendered it unsafe. Without a buyer, the pier was eventually demolished. Maybe that was the right thing to happen though, because Southbourne could have grown into a brash and loud resort monster and not the quiet resort that we enjoy today.

Not to say that Southbourne is so quiet to be bordering on asleep though. Southbourne is a popular destination for those looking for a quieter seaside location. It could also be growing into something of a destination for great food too, thanks to the popularity of the hog roast hire Southbourne caterer

Yes, you heard me loud and clearly. Hog roast Southbourne may sound an unlikely pairing but this Dorset town is, like the rest of the UK, seeing that grand old Medieval feast make a new name for itself. Many thought that it had gone the way of the pier but hog roast has risen like a phoenix (well, like a pig) and is delighting people once more with the incredible flavours that it was once so famous for. You could question why hog roast has re-emerged as a big favourite of event organisers but you could also argue that, like Southbourne, hog roast represents a return to the simpler yet more rewarding things in life.

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A hog roast Southbourne catering event is the perfect marriage of simplicity. Hog roast is the ultimate in back to basics meals. On the face of it, hog roast is quality meat and nothing else. Flame, pig and a crowd is all that’s needed. Okay, maybe some rolls and apple sauce would be good, but you get the idea. Southbourne is equally simple. Beautiful coastline, simple shops and appreciative visitors. It just goes to show that the simple things in life can be amongst the best.

Well, it’s not actually quite that simple. Behind the apparently simplicity of hog roast there is a lot going on and that is all down to the hard graft and professionalism of the hog roast hire Southbourne caterer. It all begins with the careful selection of the meat, and as you would expect, that is done very professionally. Hog roast chefs are pretty fussy and that means that only the very best is good enough, so only a quality pig from a good local supplier is going to be good enough. The same goes for the cooking process. Anyone thinking that this ‘simple’ meal was quick affair is quite wrong, as a hog roast takes a good six hours to cook. It takes this long to ensure that not only is the whole pig cooked (which is a pretty big piece of meat in itself) but that the meat has time to tenderise and develop that distinctive, juicy flavour. Six hours is a long time but when you see how incredible hog roast actually tastes, you realise that it was all worth it.

All this talk of huge pigs and attending chefs may have made you think that a hog roast is a little extravagant...and therefore a little bit expensive, and hog roast certainly does come across that way. Definitely impressive to look at, but it’s not expensive. If anything it is one of the better value options in the catering world. What’s more, a single standard sized hog roast is a very accommodating animal indeed, quite capable of providing enough meat for over one hundred Southbourne guests. Incredible and a definite saving on your per head budget.

You see, hog roast may not be quite as simple as it sounds but I will wager that your Southbourne guests will not care one little bit by this impressive looking and quite delicious tasting meal.