Hog Roast Swallowfield

Hog roast Swallowfield are here to give you something different when it comes to catering for your next event, we bring fresh produce to your guests cooked in an original style we call it hog roasting, you may know it as spit roasting or rotisserie style cooking, we bring this old form of cooking firmly up to date with our modern cookers giving a new catering experience to your next event no matter what the occasion a hog roast supper is the way to go.

Hog roast Swallowfield are the number one catering firm of this kind in the area and we always provide a first class service to everyone who trys our fantastic service, we have access to the produce around and when you combine great produce with our quality cookers it provides fresh and vibrant food worthy of any setting. The cookers we use are first rate and are the very latest in this kind of equipment available on the current market, they are very simple to use and can be operated with ease by even inexperienced chefs and cooks, we can hire you our amazing hog roast cookers so you can host your own event with the confidence of a seasoned professional chef. Hog roast hire Swallowfield can give you the confidence to host your own hog roast supper once you have seen what our cookers can do, they are very simple to use yet they never drop in quality, the cookers are state of the art and basically look after themselves with little or no effort on your part, the hardest part is seasoning the produce and of course not forgetting to baste the produce at appropriate times to ensure the meats stay moist and juicy ready to eat any-time as the cookers can simply keep the meat warm once cooked, a great way to have food on hand with out any spoiling of the actual quality, a winner for any party.

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Hog roast hire Swallowfield only use the best staff, equipment and produce all this combined equals in the best catering service around by far, plus it is far more original than any other style of catering around and is a great way to provide an out of the ordinary centrepiece for special events, a place for guests to join around, it also provides a great talking point for all invited. Our superb hog roast cookers are also fantastic in tight and small areas so do not let venue space or anything along those lines become an issue as our cookers can function with ease in even the tightest of spaces making them a great fit for family get together and garden barbecues, the cookers can also operate indoors as well as out as they are basically smoke free eliminating weather worries, as we all know the rain can ruin the day, we get rid of this problem plus many others with a hog roast supper.

The produce we use is only sourced we locally as want to make sure the produce of choice arrives in the freshest condition possible straight to your plate but if you have your own source for produce that is fine too, you can just take one of our ovens whatever makes more sense to you, we are here to make sure your day runs smoothly and with out a hitch, just the way it should be. Our staff are warm and friendly and very approachable and are here to answer any questions you might feel are relevant when you are hosting your own hog roast supper, so please don't be shy and come forward, we are here to help with honest and up front information for you to take advantage of. The staff working for us are the best in the business and are all trained to the highest standard in this field of cookery, the staff are all up to date with the latest in catering food and hygiene regulations and are all versed in all catering guidelines we only employ the best to ensure you receive the best in quality home style catering. We cover all events large or small from weddings to birthdays, from work functions to charity style events we cover them all and all our events are as important as the last, all our customers receive the same fantastic service on all occasions so with all these great reasons to give it a try why not give one of our team a call today.