Hog Roast Twickenham

Twickenham will always be the ideal location for a hog roast. Its tranquil setting and historical backdrop should make Twickenham the perfect spot to have your own feast that would feel like it dated back to medieval times. However, when it was the servant boy who would have been slowly turning the meat on a spit, we now have expert chefs to ensure the pig is cooked to perfection. Hog roast Twickenham have the best chefs and most professional equipment to ensure that your party is truly a one to remember. We only get hold of the finest cuts of meat as we are well aware of the importance of the produce we buy for the events we host.

If you fancy a smaller, more personal, party then why not just hire out some of our spit roast equipment? You could set it up in your back garden or maybe take it to a small local event where you will surely be the star of the show. For an additional cost you can also get the pig as an extra, to slowly cook for the guests. However, when you go for the whole package from hog roast Twickenham we will truly wow the crowd with a whole menu of amazing food. This ranges from appetisers, soups, desserts and different cuts of meat, as well as just pork. All of these can we tweaked and altered to your satisfaction with our chefs truly working to their best when they are making original creations for the menus. As the Hog roast Twickenham party winds down at the end of the night our team of experienced waiters and waitresses will clear away all traces of the banquet will you continue to play the host.

A Hog roast Twickenham could be the perfect way to enhance so many special occasions. It could add bit of wow factor to the main meal of your wedding day, where we can handle all the food planning details leaving you to sort out all other aspects of your special day. We also cater for corporate events, understanding the importance an amazing feast can have when trying to create the right atmosphere for big clients, or just provide a thank you banquet to hard working staff. Christmas is normally a time traditionally reserved for turkeys but at Hog roast Twickenham we feel the hog roast is the perfect way to end the year. If it's an end of year office party or a private event we are able to start off your festive season with a bang.

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The whole of the Twickenham area can be catered for by Hog roast Twickenham and as we have in the past held feasts for nearly 3,000 people we are confident we will be able to deal with any potential requests! We are always more than happy to discuss any event plans with potential customers, so do not hesitate to call us.

Hog roast Twickenham are the number one hog roast caterer in the south and we are here to give you the best tasting food you have had in ages, we give catering a much needed breath of fresh air with new cooking methods mixed with a traditional style of cooking, a combination of old and new giving top quality food for a price everyone can afford. Hog roast Twickenham host parties for all occasions and we can cover events on a large scale or smaller events such as family gatherings, we also cover wedding events and work functions, if you need catering we are the firm to call with a long list of testimonials we know you will be a regular client once you have seen our quality cookers in action. Hog roasting is an old method cooking but we use only the most modern cookers that are easily used by even the most novice cook, the roasters are self containing which means they are virtually smoke free and can be used safely in small and tight areas so if your venue is only small we can still operate at maximum efficiency, our cookers are so versatile they can even work indoors eliminating the rain from spoiling your day if an outdoor event is planned. We also run a fantastic hire programme where you can hire one of our hog roasters and you chef for the day, our team are top of the game in this field of cooking and will gladly help you with pointers on how to get the best out of the produce and the cookers all for no extra cost. Hog roast hire Twickenham give you the equipment and you cook for the day but we assure you that there is little to do when one of our hog roasters are doing the cooking, all you do is season how you like then let the cooker work its roasting magic, perhaps a baste every now and again then its time to carve and serve some fantastic food to your hungry guests. Hog roast hire Twickenham give you the very best equipment with some of the freshest produce around or you can supply your own that is up to you, we know there are some fantastic sources for produce in the south so please feel free to source your own but we promise the produce we use is all locally sourced for top quality meats and ingredients. The produce is very important and we have more than just pork on our menu with a vast array of choice easily cooked on one of our fabulous hog roast cookers. Fish is the perfect dish for that special wedding or a loved ones anniversary with roasted wild salmon one of the most requested dish for these style events giving it a taste of elegance yet keeping it healthy with little or no additives, trout is also a favourite but there are many types of fish so if you have one in mind contact us and we will see what we can do for you. Minted lamb is a good choice for a broad range of functions because as we all know lamb is the Sunday roast king of meats and we take it to the next level when our roasters have slow cooked the lamb sealing in the moisture and juices in to the meat, it literally melts in the mouth and is one of our most poplar meats on the menu. Beef is also a great meat for roasting but can sometime be tough and dry well not with our roasters our cookers seal in the juices keeping the beef nice and moist and we have some of the best cuts too with ribs and rump steaks a great way to cater for your guests. White meat alternatives are very important to us and we have the best turkey and chicken around with the best seasoning these white meats are perfect for the smaller event or that family BBQ also good for going with our pig dishes for the larger event giving a nice choice for your guests, we also offer potato and crisp salad dishes for the vegetarians at your event. If we have not mentioned a particular type of produce then please give us a call with ideas you might have for your event regarding produce, event catering and any other questions you might feel or are relevant, our friendly team are waiting for your call.