Hog Roast Waterlooville

The United Kingdom is blessed with some highly unusual town names and I think it would be fair to say that Waterlooville could be classed as one such town. Whether the story behind the naming of the town is correct is another thing entirely. Apparently (as legend would have it) soldiers returning from the battle of Waterloo stopped at a local pub to celebrate and the name Waterlooville was to celebrate their victory. Is it true? Who knows? And do the twenty thousand people of this Hampshire town really mind? Perhaps they could consider renaming it hog roast Waterlooville, after a new food hero?

Okay, a bad idea, but hog roast really is becoming something of a culinary hero in Waterlooville and the rest of the UK, so hog roast Waterlooville is not quite as daft as it sounds. Over the past few years hog roast has slowly been creeping back onto the menus at special occasions across the UK, replacing some of the more common catering solutions that we have all become rather tired of yet accustomed to over the years. It seems that hog roast has really caught our imagination (and indeed our tastebuds) and it is now proving to be one of the more popular choices for event catering. You may ask why this is the case but, as you will discover, there are many good reasons why the hog roast hire Waterlooville chef is proving such a popular character.

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Hog roast is of course a very traditional meal indeed that has its roots in Medieval times, so when you talk of back to basic cooking values, you could not get more back to basic than hog roast. There are no fancy added ingredients in a hog roast, just no nonsense quality meat. This is something that the modern hog roast hire Waterlooville chef has continued to apply when cooking hog roast. Every single hog roast that the chef cooks is dedicated to the finest cooking traditions and that means only the best quality local meat from a good and reputable supplier is used, so the whole pig that you will see roasting away represents real quality meat.

With a prime bit of quality meat cooking away, you are already halfway to enjoying a fine meal indeed but the cooking of a hog roast is also a bit of story in itself. Go back to Medieval times again and a hog roast would have seen a pig roasting above an open fire. Now, while this may sound great, practicalities and the modern day venue mean that this is simply not possible, which is why we have worked hard to develop a fantastic alternative. The hog roast machine has been specially developed to roast away a pig (or indeed a variety of other meats) to absolute perfection. The hog roast machine is a wonderful looking piece of equipment that allows the chef to control every single aspect of the coking, ensuring that your Waterlooville guests are going to be treated to a meal to truly remember.

The best tasting meat takes time to cook. We can probably all remember Sundays as a child when the roast would seem to take hours to cook yet would fill the house with fantastic aromas. Well, hog roast might just take you straight back to those great days as hog roast really does take a fair of time to cook. Six hours is how long the Waterlloville hog roast chef will be toiling away for you, but it will be worth every single moment as the meat from a hog roast tastes nothing short of remarkable. All that time roasting creates melt in the mouth tastes, tender meat and incredible crackling. You will adore it and your guests will be in food heaven.

Now, I know what you are thinking. If it takes six long hours to cook, how long do we have to wait for our food? Well, you must not worry about this as the chef will be cooking the hog roast some time in advance of your event, the final stages of cooking taking place in full view of your guests. That’s another great feature of having a hog roast; the visuals are really great. There’s nothing quite so special as seeing a whole pig being slowly roasted away. It really looks quite special.

If you have a Waterlooville event planned and you are still considering what catering to choose, why not go for something special and make it a hog roast event?