Hog Roast Weston

Everyone loves the seaside. The fresh air, swooping seagulls and ice cream is a very British way to enjoy the seaside and is a much a part of our Britishness as red phone boxes and Big Ben. The UK is home to many seaside resorts, with some being a little more brash than others. And it is, I think, faire to say that Weston-super-Mare is not one that can be considered on the brash side.

Weston-super-Mare may not be visited by the huge numbers that flocked here in its heyday in the sixties and seventies but the town’s long sandy beaches remain popular. Something else that has remained popular over the years is hog roast, however unlike Weston-super-Mare, hog roast is enjoying something of a new lease of life as a contemporary event food. So should you be thinking that your next event ought to be a hog roast Weston-super-mare event? Quite possibly.

A hog roast Weston-super-Mare event could really give your event the edge that you are looking for, but hold on. Hog roast? Isn’t that an old dish that died out years ago? Surely that’s not the sort of food that I want to be serving up for my guests?

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Why not? The hog roast Weston-Super-Mare option can be perfect for your event, whatever the occasion. But just because hog roast is considered an old feast (and, dating back to medieval times, it certainly is old) it shouldn’t mean you should discount it so quickly.

There was a good reason that hog roast achieved such popularity in medieval times and that’s because it tasted superb. Hog roast really was the food of kings and queens and probably helped fill up the bellies of many an important member of Weston-super-Mare society in centuries gone by. And if it was good enough for them, is it not good enough for your guests.

Things have of course changed a little since those days. The hog roast chef will have taken care of securing a pig to roast for you for a start. Then there’s the fire. Don’t worry, the hog roast chef has sorted that out too. The shiny and rather splendid looking hog roast machine is a little (or big) piece of cooking theatre for you and your guests. You can look on in wonder as the whole pig very slowly roasts under the careful eye of the hog roast chef. It looks brilliant and your guests will be mightily impressed by this and the hunger inducing aromas that will be drifting around the Weston-super-Mare venue. Really incredible stuff.

It may be an old feast but hog roast has a modern flavour. You often see the chefs talk about real food on TV and hog roast is firmly in that category. Real food, real simple cooking and real flavour. And that’s what makes hog roast such a great modern alternative to lacklustre event food. It is event catering at its very best. Your Weston-super-Mare guests will love hog roast, in fact they will probably start to insist on it at their own functions in the future.