Hog Roast Whalley

It is amazing what can be unearthed in the nooks and crannies of the United Kingdom. Towns and villages can be quite surprising places, delivering the odd secret or two.

Whalley in Lancashire is one such village that holds a few little surprises. Did you know that Whalley Viaduct is a listed structure and was built using seven million bricks? And did you know that the charming church of St Mary and All dates to 628?

It’s quite obvious that Whalley is a village with real history behind it, so it is probably fair to assume that Whalley has seen a fair share of events in its time. And could it be that hog roast was a prominent feature of these events? I would think hog roast Whalley events were quite a regular event. Any village that uses seven million bricks in a viaduct deserves at least one hog roast event!

I could think of a more modern day excuses for a hog roast Whalley event. Apparently Whalley has n annual Whalley Pickwick Night where people dress in Victorian costumes. Sounds like great fun and perfect for a hog roast, but do you really need to save hog roast for these sorts of events? Of course not.

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A hog roast Whalley event doesn’t need Victorian costumes (though feel free to wear one if you wish). Hog roast is the ideal catering solution for many events and functions, in fact hog roast is coming out of the shadows and adding a bit of medieval magic to special occasions in Whalley and across the UK.

Hog roast really is perfect as a special occasion food, which makes it all the more strange why it should have stayed in the catering shadows for so long. Maybe it was the perception that hog roast was too expensive, too much hard work or simply not considered ‘special’ enough for higher profile events. These are some perceptions that are quickly being dispelled.

Go back in time and hog roast was indeed the food of the wealthier members of society. You would often hear of hog roast banquets in castles and huge country houses enjoyed by society’s crème de la crème, so maybe people still consider it to be an elitist food. That’s not the case anymore. Whilst hog roast certainly tastes like a regal meal, it is now an affordable option for any Whaley special, event.

There’s no denying that cooking the perfect hog roast is hard work. After all it takes a bit of hard graft and up to six hours roasting to get the optimum flavours from the whole pig, so that’s why the hog roast chef is part of the package. You enjoy your event and the chef will deliver the tasty goods.

And as for not being special enough, consider this. Yes, you can have a Whaley hog roast and serve the meat on rolls with sauces and they will taste truly scrumptious, but hog roast does formal events too. A finer presented plate of finely carved pork with crackling you are unlikely to see anywhere else. Now that is special. Good enough for your big Whalley event? Definitely.