Hog Roast Winkfield

Hog roast Winkfield offer superb catering with a difference for a price more then reasonable for most peoples budgets, we offer you this original style of catering with a twist as we prepare the food on site right there so you can see our first class cookers in action cooking your produce of choice to perfection right in front of your very eyes, it adds an ideal centrepiece for any occasion and provides a real talking point fore guests to enjoy. Hog roast Winkfield bring the art of spit roast cooking in to the 21st century with the best equipment available slow cooking most types of produce to a standard not easily achieved with today's standard cookers, if you have not heard of hog roasting or spit roasting you may know it as rotisserie style cooking a method of slowly turning meats to ensure slow and even cooking well that is what we do only our cookers do that part for you so you can sit back and relax enjoying your event with out any hassle or fuss with catering problems that can often become apparent when hosting a busy function.

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You can simple hire our cookers if you fancy giving hog roasting a go yourself just order the equipment and you can play chef for a day and provide your guests with fabulous perhaps for a family BBQ or just for fun with friends either way its a great way to get the best food to your guests mouths. Hog roast hire Winkfield pride itself on our quality cookers and we know that they are simple to use but never skipping on quality or results with the best possible standard at your fingertips what is holding you back from this original style of catering. Hog roast hire Winkfield only hire the best staff and we are happy to help you with anything that might be worrying you about trying our company, that is why we are here and we promise you the best catering with the best staff and our mission is to provide you with the best produce available to us that is all sourced locally keeping the flavours fresh and exciting, the best way to cater for any event style and occasion. The produce we have sourced locally is the best in the area by far and we do this because we want to make sure the produce is as fresh as can be getting the best results possible on our hog roast cookers but roasted pork is not the only thing our cookers can roast, we have a wide range of produce readily available for us to use but if you have a meat in mind that is not traditionally roasted then please just ask us and we will endeavour to provide it for you or alternatively you can provide the produce yourself whatever is easier for you, we want to keep it simple for stress free catering. Here are some examples of what can be done on one of our top quality cookers.

Fish can be roasted on our cookers and is perfect for more elegant events such as wedding or important work functions where you would like to impress potential clients, we generally use wild salmon but we are open to new ideas and if you fancy another type of fish then we will try and provide it just ask one of our friendly members of staff and we will tell you straight away whether t can be done or not. Lamb is one of the nations favourites and we season with only the freshest mint giving it a beautiful vibrant taste, whilst our cooker keeps the lamb meat soft n tender, surely to make your mouth water. Chicken and turkey are perfect for smaller events and are the ideal white meat alternative for people not keen on pork or other red meats such as beef. Beef is also another choice we can bring to your plate, we only use the best cuts and can cook most styles that is entirely up to you, you choose the seasoning and we will gladly cook it that way.

We only use the best staff and they are all highly trained in this style of cookery, our staff all adhere to current health and safety guidelines and up to date with all the latest food and hygiene regulations set by today's strict catering bodies, we have the best so isn't it about time you tried the best.