Hog Roast Woodbridge

Woodbridge is certainly a town of great historical importance, thanks in no small part to its proximity to the site of the Anglo Saxon Sutton Hoo burial ship, the most important site of its kind in the United Kingdom. There are also examples of life here in Neolithic times, which can date back as far as 2500 BC. That’s quite some time ago.

But Woodbridge is not just a place of history, it is a place of the here and now and the ten thousand people of the town would be the first to agree with that. That said, the people of this town do like to delve into history when it comes to their favourite catering food, and at the moment, that seems to be hog roast Woodbridge style.

When I say delve into history, I mean it, because a hog roast hire Woodbridge event really is a nod to history, Medieval history to be precise. It may seem strange to celebrate with such a traditional dish but, as I will explain, hog roast really is a great option when it comes to feeding those at any special function or important social event.

Booking a hog roast Woodbridge event means you are almost certainly onto a winner. Hog roast is now proving to be one of the most popular event catering solutions, not just in Suffolk but in many towns, villages and cities throughout the United Kingdom. It seems that the more and more people fall for the incredible value and great flavours of a hog roast hire Woodbridge style event, the more people seem to talk about it to other people! And that’s the secret; people love hog roast so much that they simply can’t help talking to other people about it and that simply increases the levels of interest in this amazing food.

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If you have never been to a hog roast event then you really are missing out on something quite special. It may be Medieval in its origins but the simplicity of approach and rich flavours are very much a twenty first century theme and one that appeals tom all ages. The rich flavours come from nothing more complicated than choosing the right meat, though that is certainly something that the hog roast chef will take their time over. The chefs are very particular and only the very best meat will do for a hog roast. The level of fat, the rearing and the overall quality of the meat all go into deciding which pig is going to be roasted. It all works though because you really can taste the difference when you use great quality meat, and the chef knows it.

It’s not all just about the meat though. A Woodbridge hog roast takes a while to cook and that requires a lot of work on the chef’s part. For regular sized pigs, you are going to be cooking it for around about six hours. It sounds like a while but it’s more than worth the wait. All that roasting really helps not only cook the meat to perfection but it helps mature the meat so that it tastes juicy and tender, quite unlike anything else. It really is what makes hog roast so wonderful tasting and so moreish...and why it has so many fans!

But it’s not just the incredible taste that makes hog roast so popular, it is the versatility of hog roast that proves to be a big selling point. Unlike many other catering solutions, hog roast can be as informal or as formal as you like. For a typical birthday or christening style event, hog roast can be served on rolls for fantastic hand held party food, complete with apple sauce and crackling. But hog roast can turn on the style as well by being served as a carved gourmet hog roast meal with all the trimmings. You would not believe that you can get such an amazing looking meal from a hog roast!

One last thing that you really need to bear in mind is cost. Yes, hog roast is not the cheapest option out there but where else will you find fresh wholesome cooking complete with chef and a joint or meat that serves over one hundred people? You will be looking for a while!

If you are beginning to plan a Woodbridge event, don’t make the mistake of choosing the same old catering options. Take a leaf out of the Medieval cook book and make sure it’s a Woodbridge hog roast.