Hog Roast Wymondham

Those of you of a certain age will recall with great fondness the TV series Dad’s Army. Actually, those of any age can still watch it as it is repeated frequently on television. Well, the railway station that was used as Walmington on Sea station was actually the station for Wymondham, the lovely and historic market town in Norfolk. Maybe the whole cast of Dad’s Army were based on people in the town, we will never know, but it would be wonderful if they had been.

Wymondham has a certain Dad’s Army charm to it but this town has a troubled history, with a great fire tearing through the town in 1615. The Market Cross in the town replaced the one originally destroyed. But times move on and from long gone tragedies come modern day celebrations in the shape of bit birthdays bashes, anniversaries, christenings, weddings, corporate events and many other special occasions. Sadly, Wymondham, like many other places in the United Kingdom has suffered from a particular problem when it comes to event catering and that has been one of boring, lacklustre, dreary food. The sort of food you can so easily forget about. The sort of food that there is hardly anything special about. So it is very reassuring to see that Wymondham is doing something to change this, namely the rise of the hog roast Wymondham event.

That’s quite, hog roast. The very same hog roast that was adored back in Medieval times, that was cooked over a roaring fire and served up to royalty. Whatever happened that made the hog roast hire Wymondham event such a rarity, it is impossible to say but it seems that something has changed and the twenty three thousand people of this town are embracing the hog roast hire Wymondham caterer as a catering hero. It’s a wonderful turnaround in fortunes for hog roast but just why has it happened and what is so special about hog roast that it is making such a remarkable comeback?

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Well, there are lots of reasons why a hog roast Wymondham event may be so popular and we could start by looking at the latest trends in food. You see, over the last few years, more and more people have taken a keen interest in the food they eat, the ingredients that go into it and the manner in which it is cooked. People have been enthused to look closely at their food in order to get a greater understanding of it, and it is really changing our approach. We are now becoming a nation of food lovers and wannabe master chefs. Part of this is driven by the chefs on TV who go on at great lengths to talk about the quality of the ingredients they use or where their meat was bred. It may seem like waffle but the chefs are deadly serious and, when you take your first taste of a hog roast, you will begin to understand exactly why they are so passionate about what they do.

Hog roast is a meal created by a true chef. The Wymondham hog roast chef really loves to produce a great meal and that is borne out by the desire to use only the best quality meat. It is for this reason that they only ever use top quality locally reared meat. It has to have just the right of fat or else it is no good. And you can be sure that you can you will taste that level of quality because the chef takes over six hours to cook the pig.

Six hours seems like a long time, and it is, but there are some things that you need to remember. This is a whole pig and it does require time to cook, but you also need to slow roast hog roast in order to get the very best out of it as that helps release the incredible flavours that make a Wymondham hog roast so delicious. The aromas alone are heavenly, but just wait til you taste it!

A Wymondham hog roast certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to choosing the ultimate in great catering food. It is a pure culinary work of art using the best local quality ingredients and fresh cooking at its best to deliver one of the best tasting meats around and probably the very best catering you will find at such a reasonable price. Dad’s Army was great but a Wymondham hog roast is pretty much perfect.