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If you are looking for something that is both unique and delicious for you’re next catered event, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Hog roast Lincolnshire, providing you with the most delicious hog roast food all across the Lincolnshire area.

We have been providing our fantastic hog roast to the beautiful area of Lincolnshire for many years now. It is known as an area of grace and tradition, which is possible why the local people have taken so well to our hog roast catering services. The sight of the most delicious hog you will ever see getting slowly cooked on our locally produced hog roast machines is an amazing spectacle to watch and is sure to be appreciated by your other senses too.

There is nothing we won’t do to make sure our Hog Roast Gainsborough service is the best we can deliver. All of our ingredients, from the succulent pigs to the hand picked organic vegetables, are all home-grown in the Lincolnshire area. We won’t be beaten when it comes to our choice of menus either, we you choose down to the smallest detail. We can deliver this service to events of hundreds of people, right down to just a handful at a small private function. No matter what the size, we are sure you will discover just why we are so popular and why we are one of the biggest catering services for England’s second biggest county.

Hog roast lincoln have been providing this fantastic Hog Roast Market Rasen service to the people of Lincolnshire for many years now and have constantly fantastic feedback from our customers, both new and ones who have returned to us time and time again. This is down to us never compromising on any part of our service, from only cooking the most mouth-watering and delicious food, making sure all of our staff always provide excellent service and offering our services to any size event across Lincolnshire, what other reasons to you need to come to us at Hog roast Lincolnshire for the most delicious food and fantastic service money can buy.

Lincolnshire, isn’t it? A surreptitious land and the most scrumptious of foods; if you’re planning a Hog Roast Scunthorpe function, why not make it a hog roast catered event? With brilliance in visual theatre, the stunner in the context of the WOW factor and by far the most epic and tasty way to consume your favourite meat, a spit roast catered event is the best thing you’ve yet to do.

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The delights of Branston and Epworth are bright, as most of the lovely places which occupy our shire. An element which has struck us repetitively over the years, alongside our concurrent growth, is the fact that people of this region really appreciate quality hog roasting. With a history steeped in grace, the concept of a slow roast over dancing, licking flames, fits our geographical and collective psyche like a well nurtured and dubbed driving glove. The chance to take a little time out of our often busy and hectic lives can be a real catalyst for the ideal start to a new relationship or relationships, or indeed the chance to maintain and even repair emotional links which have become frayed and weary with the lack of time vested in their care.

Our hog roast machines, which are entirely manufactured by us in our very own production plant, have had this notion of humanity and their effect on those viewing them held at their design core. Able to buy also, these hog roast machines represent a huge step in mobile catering, where indoor and outdoor functions alike can be effortlessly catered for, with the most colossally exceptional culinary results. Able to feed over 300 people, not just with mouth watering meat, but also with the most wonderfully basted roasted vegetables, these machines are not just objects of cuisine mobile, but are a lifestyle. With stainless steel, laser tooled quality batting the field on the well groomed wicket of competitive catering, the beautiful design does the rest. Allowing our meats to be displayed in all their shimmering and organic wonderment, our catered events are fast becoming the things of legend, a legend that is by no means a myth.

Locations we offer our services too: Barton Upon Humber, Boston, Branston, Brigg, Broughton, Hog Roast Caistor, Lincoln, Washingborough, Woodhall Spa.

Drawing on our decades of experience in the field of food, Hog Roast Caterer Lincolnshire has been bringing people together for a long time. Where many have been happy, in the past, with a mediocre catering situation at a large party, we aim to show our new customers, along with aiming to re-affirm with our former ones, that by simply hosting a large party in a seemingly inaccessible location, our clients and customers need never compromise on the quality of their food.

Locations we offer our services too.

Cleethorpes, Gainsborough, Grantham, Grimsby, Horncastle, Kirton, Stamford, Louth, Mablethorpe, Market Rasen, hog roast Scunthorpe, Skegness, Sleaford, Spalding.

An autumn night, with the static breeze the bearer of winters hue, a collected gathering stirs and mills, warm and cosy within their garments. In the centre stands a pig roaster machine, graciously turning the glistening pig, as surely as sunrise the juices do flow, silently and lucid against the backdrop of night. Carved it is, by the skilled hands of Lincoln, the precious of meats that respond to the knife. Enclosed in the mouths of those standing by, the happiness shown on the faces. Our hog roast will mean its hello not good bye, for it’s the finest of this fair lands graces.

The second largest of all the counties in England, Lincolnshire has been our home for many years, totalling nearly two decades. During this time, we have had the pleasure of catering for thousands of people across the gorgeous county of Lincolnshire. A great region for the growing of a huge host of agricultural produce, Lincolnshire has provided us with a huge amount of wonderfully fresh produce that we don’t hesitate in putting on the plates of the people in our county. From Lincoln to Gainsborough to Scunthorpe, we have been the first and foremost in the quest for hog and spit roast catering perfection.

The county as a whole seemed like it was purpose built for our arrival when we first had the idea to start up here. Lincolnshire has a long and distinguished history when it comes to the proper use of good quality meats. Famous among these is the great quality and ingredient based focus found within the excellent sausage-making houses of the county. Building on a wondrously brilliant and diverse range of available pigs in the area, we were able to source some exceptionally brilliant produce for our awaiting spits.

At the start we were a small outfit composed of only a few members. And although we were dedicated in our efforts, it quickly became apparent that we needed more people very quickly this was due to our rapid success. Having just entered the great and interesting world of event catering, we were completely shocked by our rapid success, but in truth it was simple to see why it started happening. The quality which can be obtained as regards taste within a hog roast is simply un-paralleled. By slow roasting a whole creature, the meat is perpetually basted within its own juices over a long period of time. As the meat reaches its point of perfect temperature much more slowly, so much more of the naturally occurring juices are retained within the hog. We know by the look on our customer’s faces that this taste sensation is both exceptional and completely memorable.

Today we approach the arena of hog and spit event based catering with a tri-faceted approach. This is comprised of wedding hog catering, corporate function and hospitality catering and our famous private party function catering. Our wedding catering menus revolve around total choice and freedom for our customers. Combining the powerful beauty of the hog roast (or any animal on a spit that you wish to consume), our qualified and superbly well trained chefs create and freshly craft their renowned canapés and side dishes. Utilising the highest degree of perfection as regards table service, we have been able to make the wedding days of many of our customers truly memorable and emotionally moving.

Our corporate hospitality is also much renowned. Totally aware that a brilliantly well-organised and executed hog roast inspired corporate event can make all the difference as regards deal-making, we know that nothing short of perfection will do. This goes for our party menus too. So come on down, for the finest in hog roast splendour!