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Welcome to Hog Roast North Yorkshire, providing the best hog roasts available to the amazing people of North Yorkshire in the picturesque and famous landscapes of North Yorkshire. We will not be beaten when it comes to delivering the most delicious and succulent food and giving you the most wonderful service and experience too.

We at hog roast York have been providing our excellent services now for many years. We believe that the reasons we are so successful and why people keep returning to us is that what we deliver is a truly unique culinary delight that you won’t find elsewhere. being based in North Yorkshire means that we are surrounded by the famous and spectacular countryside. It is from the luscious green fields where all of our products come from. Everything from our succulent pigs to the vegetables which you chose yourselves are gall grown and picked locally which gives all of our food a truly fantastic taste you will never forget.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers a magnificent options of menus with a huge selection of meats, such as free-range chicken and lamb as well as our famous hog roasts, to vegetable options and salads. All of our meats are cooked to absolute perfection by our unique spit roast machinery and our highly skilled and experienced chefs. We at Hog Roast North Yorkshire will do everything possible to make sure we deliver the best outdoor catering service for your event, no matter what the size.

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If you have never tried a hog roast before, now is the perfect time to do so. It is not only a treat for your taste buds, but also one for your eyes and nose as will get to watch as the pig gets cooked on site until it tastes truly outstanding. The smell of Hog Roast Hull drifting through your event as it is cooked will also leave have you and your guests salivating and will sure to be a talking point for a long time. This is why we are the top outdoor catering company in the North Yorkshire region and not just for hog roasts.

Set in the mysterious yet pristine beauty of the north of Yorkshire resides a company, built with passion and hard work, which has re-invented the hog roast. Situated amidst some of the most visibly ancient parts of the British Isles, the land within which we cohabit with the cracking folk has helped to make our pig and spit roast initiatives the finest available.

Firstly, due to such wonderful farmland that seems to endlessly cascade from valley floor, to valley head and back to valley floor again, we have been able to source some of the most splendid hog roast ingredients available to man. With working partnerships with many of the farmers in our fertile region, we have been able to ensure that the characteristics which we seek in our creatures can be highlighted, ordered and accurately adhered to. Particularly juicy and plump spring lambs which have been fed rosemary within their diet make an ideal partner to our spit roast machine. This introduction of rosemary into farmers fields has allowed the spit roaster to truly bring out the slowly entrenched flavours within the animal. Due to the slow roast, and the fact that it is a process free from over haste in its entirety, such subtleties of ingredient such as these are truly amplified by the taste buds.

With pigs as the central piece of our hog roast york menus, we also offer many other fresh and organic whole meats which we spit and roast. Able to roast free range chickens, turkeys, beef and lamb, versatility is one of the many facets of the diamond of cuisine which we bestow upon you. The vast array of vegetable options and accompaniments which we offer as part of our menus feature choice as the principle operating feature. As a customer, you are able to entirely tailor your menus through the fantastic and dynamic event co-ordination team. With years in the business, these chaps take delight in worrying about the smallest of details, so you don’t have to. Let timing, serving patterns and priorities fall into their hands, they’re hands of strength, yet softened by grace.

Our line of specialized pig roaster and spit roast machines form our biggest achievement to date. Unhappy with the state of machines on the market, our integration of design superiority, coupled with numerous advanced and laser inspired tooling processes, allowed us to create the ultimate in hog roasting prowess. The machines, complete with many unique and revolutionary design features, have been fully tested ‘in-the-field’ by years of usage by us, at some of the UK’s most high profile events. Able to withstand years and years of repetitive service, our machines are simply incomparable to anything else on the market.

Locations we offer our services too: Harrogate, Pickering, Pocklington, Poppleton, Richmond, Ripon, Scarborough, Selby, Settle, Skipton, Sowerby, Stamford Bridge, Tadcaster, Thirsk, Wetherby, Whitby, Haxby, hog roast York.
With the canvas backdrop of the North Yorkshire countryside, why not enjoy it to the full? A catered event with us and you can be part of an ancient and wonderful process, re-arranged and construed in a contemporary style. Utilizing only the best, we only offer our customers the same. The hog roast event; re-invented, rejuvenated.

The northern part of one of the largest counties in the United Kingdom, this region forms aspects that truly make it a dream to cater for. With natural beauty in leaps and bounds, the whole area lends itself to the eating of great food, the company of great people and the enjoyment of the Great British weather. Granted, the weather isn’t always on or side, but keep on reading and you’ll find out why we never let that affect our events, from both a technical aspect as well as through our whole team ethos.

Its no surprise that, partly through the huge amount of wealth in the area, that there are an abundance of fine restaurants serving the most appetising of food within the county. However, when we began two decades ago, the standard of event catering and private function catering was terrible. In beautiful towns such as Harrogate and York, the difference between the standard of food available from restaurants and the food that people were expected to eat was unbelievably large.

Through our background of travelling extensively to many regions of the Earth, we had built up an exceptionally high knowledge as regards great cuisine. Arriving back in the North of Yorkshire, we knew that the people of the area would love the food attainable via the hog and spit roast method as much as we did. The great farming landscapes and large swathes of pasture land was perfect as regards the supply of our ingredients, as was the ready supply of great vegetable and salad products. When using a whole hog or creature (as our rosemary dressed spring lambs are absolutely to die for), we are able to feed huge numbers of people for a very low price in relative terms. Along with this, our meat produce when cooked in this time honoured manner tastes simply sublime, unbeatable in fact. The animal is allowed to self-baste over the course of the seven hour cooking time. The turning action of the spit roast machine and spit system allows the basting fluid to be constantly and evenly distributed over the whole carcass, as it slowly glows towards its lovely, golden state. Whilst the hog is roasting, the smells which are emitted are simply beautiful. These smells and aromas combine with the visual spectacle of the turning and glistening hog to create a sensory onslaught of an experience that always leaves the guest and revellers in ecstasy. Its real food, cooked to perfection, served with delicious sides and accompaniments and served with super-slick service, every time.

Our spit and hog roast catered events, in lovely places such as Ilkley, come in three delicious and easy to use modes and guises. First of all, our bespoke private party and function menu options allow for our customers to choose from the informal and relaxing through to the exacting perfection of a sit down service. All within six easy to read menus, our options constitute a mere guideline to which you can add and take away to your hearts content. Our sublime wedding menus take this to a new level, and have allowed us to cater for both royal engagements and celebrity functions. As with our slick corporate hospitality functions, all you have to do to make your event one to remember, is pick up the phone..