Hog Roast Northumberland

Here in the heart of England's most northern county is the hog roast Northumberland team. We are a professional, friendly catering team ready to cook up a hog roast feast for you and your guests at your next event.

We are proud to be based and working in and around Northumberland is a truly for a magical place filled with vast variety of attractions such as ancient castles and historical landmarks and fantastic people who we love meeting and catering for.

When it comes to the perfect setting or venue for the perfect party then it just doesn't get better than the county of Northumberland. You can take your pick from golden beaches dotted along the coastline. beautiful hills, and the rugged moor land and countryside. All these make excellent little spots for an outdoor event with a difference. Of course we must not forget the many Northumberland towns and villages all with fantastic venues and nightspots if you prefer to have an indoor party, as this is sometimes the best option as we are not known for having the warmest weather up here especially in the winter months! But fear not because whatever the weather you can always enjoy a hog roast Northumberland thanks to the hog roast caterer team we can cook indoors or outdoors so take your pick, chose your favourite party venue and we will be there.

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Because Northumberland is such a stunning place you need to serve up food at your party that will do it justice so why not indulge and have a hog roast from the hog roast caterer team? Not only will the taste and quality outstand and impress you and your guests but you can always enjoy the marvellous sight of the hog being cooked in front of you. The theatrical experience of this is almost as amazing as the taste. Watch and enjoy after all this is not just a feast it is also an attraction. Awaken those taste buds as you watch the meat slowly roast and hear the crackling pop. Get in touch today to experience this yourself.

The county of castles, the bastions of strength, the symbols of history have been enhanced by the ancient and tasteful grace of the hog roast. Our specialist hog roast machines observe the laws of the castles of these parts:

Impenetrable to attack; our machines are built with strongest of stainless steels. Able to withstand any attack mounted by the indefatigable army of rust, our machines shrug off the repeated attacks again and again, still shining, glorious and strong.

Prime Offensive Platform; our machines allow the caterer to arrive at any event, from the highest of class, to the small and intimate. Beautiful, mobile design, encapsulated in the 4 wheel rugged design, allow the caterer to cater for up to 350 people! Having the ability to roast a huge pig and roast all sorts of vegetables concurrently, the caterer can mount a successful offensive operation against hunger from the ultimate turret of food production, beating the stomach rumble into silence every time.

Pristine Effective Construction; Laser cutting combined with seam sealed bonding techniques allow our machines to benefit from a build quality not seen anywhere else. And the mortar which binds the precision built sections together is the wondrous new seam sealed bonding. Supreme strength and durability, without any compromise on quality whatsoever. Crucial for style, critical for strength.

Security; With a sealed operating system, the machine ensures that once all meat and vegetables are roasting happily away, the temperatures cannot be affected by adverse conditions. Even rain is no problem.

Locations we offer our services too: Allendale, Brampton, Amble, Ashington, Bedlington, Berwick upon Tweed, Blyth, Alnwick, Corbridge, Cornhill on tweed, Haltwhistle, Hexham, Kirkwhelpington, Longhorsley, Morpeth, Prudhoe.

These hog roast machines are available for purchase at the lowest prices they have ever been. Due to our in house manufacturing process, we can pass on huge savings to our customers through large scale production to drive down costs, in an environment where consumer products only seem to get more and more expensive. Feel free to come along to our showroom to indulge your eyes upon these steel beauties. Guaranteed for a year comprehensively and surpassing all the CE marking criteria effortlessly, there is simply no reasoning founded upon sound logic why anyone would choose any other pig roaster or spit roast machine.

Alongside our passion for elegant yet superb hog roast machine construction lays our major passion; spit roast and hog catering. Believing in unflinching quality at all times, our approach towards this facet of catering has allowed us to manage and co-ordinate the catering at some of the highest profile catered events in the UK. Sourcing all our produce locally, we place our emphasis on providing our customers with a sensory dining experience; we wow the eyes with staggering displays of roasting meats combined with the delightful colours which only organic produce can give. The fragrance of superbly seasoned meat is unmistakably beautiful; the nose is always superbly impressed. The feel of meat slow roasted is sumptuously soft. The taste magnificent, as its one that can only be tasted to be believed.

A function without us is one that is missing, give us a try and your hog roast experience will be etched in your memory for years.

One of the great counties and regions of the United Kingdom, Northumberland stands in our hearts as our spiritual home as well as our base of hog roasting operations. Home to great towns such as Morpeth, Alnwick and Hexham, our twenty years in the business of bespoke and tailored hog and spit roast event catering has been as illustrious for us as it has been enjoyable. With a cracking population, full of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure to meet, our catering services have been made all the easier by having a great population to serve.

When we began our spit roast event services in the 1980’s, it was incredible to note that the standard of catering, both outdoor and indoor, that was available for the population of Northumberland was both poor in quality and highly expensive in terms of the prices people were expected to pay. Often centred on culinary ideas from the highly unimaginative decade of the 1970’s, the food that was on offer lacked real quality and flair. As well as this, the ingredients that were used rarely reflected any regional disparative qualities or ‘gusto.’ To us, this was beyond a travesty.

Our founders had spent a long time travelling the globe in search of h perfect wave. It was a great life, as the two young men learned the values of hog roasting and spit roasting abroad. Using the spit roasting trade as a means to pay for the next journey to the next set of waves, it wasn’t long before their professionalism in the arena of all that is culinary combined with their engineering background. Taking an established design as regards the hog roaster machine unit, the guys set about radically improving the unit. This was due to them quickly realising that catering and providing exceptional food held much more enjoyment than surfing did, in the end. Or maybe they were just getting old! Either way, their new machines allowed them to go anywhere and roast both indoors and outdoors.

In Northamptonshire, their abilities from back then have facilitated, today, the existence of a large and extremely successful hog roasting venture. With a machine range manufactured using our own design and production facility, Hog Roast Caterer certainly has excelled and grown since the early days. The machines, which are available for the public to own, come in a range that reflects all the various needs of our customers, from the lover of the barbecue and spitted suckling pigs, through to the intensive mobile caterer who needs absolute rugged robustness, combined with lightness, durability and manoeuvrability.

Our catering service forms the main aspect of our trade, as we now cater for all aspects of society and in their various functional requirements. Our party menus and catering services offer our customers to make their garden parties truly memorable. Our corporate hospitality menus and services allow our customers to ensure that their deal maker isn’t a deal breaker. Finally, our wedding menus combine our passion for the hog roast with our broadest range of accompaniments, freshly made desserts and freshly crafted canapés. For all your hog roasting needs, all you need to do is get in touch.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Acomb, Allenheads, Alnmouth, Bamburgh, Bardon Mill, Barrasford, Beadnell, Belford, Bellingham, Belsay, Blanchland, Cambois, Chathill, Chatton, Chillingham, Chollerford, Chollerton, Choppington, Craster, Druridge Bay, Eglingham, Embleton, Eshott, Falstone, Felton, Fenwick, Gilsland, Goswick, Whittington, Greenhead, Haggerston, Haydon, Hedley on the Hill, Holy Island, Kielder, Longframlington, Lowick, Mohope, Netherwitton, Newton on the Moor, Ovingham, Powburn, Rennington, Riding Mill, Rothbury, Seahouses, Simonburn, Slaley, Spittal, Stannersburn, Stocksfield, Tweedmouth, Warden, Warenford, Wark, Warkworth, West Mickley, Widdrington, Wooler, Wylam.