Hog Roast Staffordshire

The central belt of England has much to be proud of. The history is well known, and the stoic and hard working nature of the people demands that when they settle down to enjoy themselves and relax with a catered event, they should be given the very best that is possible. It is in this arena that we apply our excellence. It is, thankfully, better known now than in recent days just how much quality can be encapsulated within a hog and a spit roast event. Other forms of catering and food preparation don't even come close. As a bespoke and tailored event catering provider, we take the very best from the classic notions of the hog and spit roasting cooking and roasting method, and apply this to modern culinary pursuits. Combined with exceptional service through dedicated staff, our varied and broad-reaching events have thrilled the hearts and taste-buds of those all over the Staffordshire region.

From Telford to Stoke, our events have helped to make us into what we are today – which is the regions premier and leading catering service provider. Our services which we offer at clients' venues and choice of residences are split into three main categories. The first, foremost and most popular of these (based purely upon instances occurred) categories is the private function or garden party. Here, the laid back approach of the slowly roasting hog really comes into its own. Our clients simply cannot get enough of the sights, sounds and smells which drift and surround them whilst they relax with cohorts. Next is our bespoke wedding catering service – this is highly popular, as the food which is served is exquisite, whilst retaining all the sensory theatre which our functions are completely synonymous with.

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Our corporate hospitality and corporate hog and spit roast events form the final aspect of our catering services which we so lovingly offer. By standing by simple yet perfect ingredients and meats roasted in their whole state, our catering has soared to new heights. So from all over Staffordshire, you know where to come for hog roast Staffordshire brilliance.

Welcome to the site of the premier hog roast provider in our glorious and mystical region of Staffordshire. With a splendid history and truly some of the nicest folk in the whole of Britain, the people of the region deserve the best at their pig and spit roast catered events.

Having a huge amount of experience in the hog roast business of providing top quality, organic and fresh produce within our various and numerous catering menus, the illustrious history of our firm has seen us accumulate over a two thousand catering events in our portfolio with each one of them allowing us to acquaint ourselves even better with those who are around us, both employees and customers.

Locations we offer our services too: Biddulph, Burntwood, Burton on Trent, Chasetown, Cannock, Leek, Lichfield, Newcastle under Lyme.

Believing in uncompromising quality, we have continued to raise and set the standard in hog roasts catering all over the UK. Our engagements with members of royalty on a continual basis have allowed us to become privy to some of the finest and most organic ingredients available in the world. Putting our staff through rigorous training and allowing them to serve such clients allows us to not only feel immense pride in what we do, but also allows us to deliver you an end product that is truly admirable.

Having seen, witnessed and attended many hog roast Staffordshire catered events, such as catered wedding events in Branston, outdoor shooting dinners near Keele and catered business functions in Stoke on Trent, it was always apparent to us that no matter how much grandeur an event had, the food never matched the surroundings in terms of quality. While most of the wonderful people of Britain, particularly of those within this region, were happy to settle for this at large functions, our catering background, coupled with our love of a great spit roast, displayed to us both a niche in the market and a prime opportunity for us to improve the standard of food at catered events out of sight.

As our surroundings provide such luscious landscapes, there is simply no finer way of enjoying the summer, warming the cockles in winter or celebrating the spring, than having a good old get together with a pig roast as the centre piece. The splendid spectacle is one thing, the wonderful smell another, whilst the astounding taste of a wonderfully dressed hog is the piece de resistance. Having heard our delighted customers, witnessed their joyous smiles and received them as friends time and time again, we are confident that you will enjoy the a hog roast catered event as much we claim. Its that good.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Rocester, Rugeley, Stafford, Stanton, Stoke on Trent, Stone, Tamworth, Telford, Uttoxeter, hog roast Walsall, Whittington.

Alongside our illustrious catering service lies our machine production facility. Producing the best hog roast machines on the market by far, these specimens embody function, reliability and soul. Able to withstand even our toughest of events for years and years, these machines benefit from laser bonded construction and bullet-proof stainless steel. Fully certified with CE marks and the like, there is simply no other machine anywhere near its capabilities and none which are nearly as durable. Come to our production showroom and peruse for yourself.

Staffordshire’s finest in the sphere of the hog roast event, invites you, Staffordshire’s finest, to find out why.

The culturally impressive county and region of Staffordshire is home to a staggering wealth of historic wonders. The ‘Staffordshire Hoard,’ which was uncovered in Lichfield only very recently, holds some of the most ancient and well-preserved artifacts relating to the Anglo-Saxon era. Objects from a time when men were hard and work was tough, the Anglo-Saxon era highlights a point in time where the preparation and the eating of food was such an incredibly important time for all involved. As battles were often fought during the mist shrouded days, the evenings were spent rejoicing with food and women, or healing the wounds of defeat. More than just physical scars, the pains of defeat would sink deep into the souls of those who were defeated. Back then, meat was often roasted much in a similar fashion to the way in which we prepare food today.

As with the a late Earl in Tamworth, we are by no means the only lovers of great pig breeds in Staffordshire. Famous for the creation of a the famous Tamworth breed of pig, Sir Robert Peel founded these by introducing an Irish variety to a British counterpart. Bronze in colour, toned in body shape and a joy to look at, these pigs, although being very few in number, underline the commitment shown towards these gracious creatures in the region of Staffordshire.

Unlike the ‘Tamworth Two,’ (these were a famous pair of pigs who famously escaped from an imminent arrival to the abbatoir. Escaping across miles of countryside and swimming across the River Avon, these two pigs eluded the police for a week. When eventually found, there was such a degree of media driven hysteria that the Daily Mail purchased them both and housed them within a rare breed pig centre, where they still live, to this day) we combine our love for the living pigs with our love for the edible ones. Loving them while they’re alive, we know how good they taste once deceased.

Our catering enterprise is now a flourishing and nourishing service which people all over the region have opened up their hearts to. Taking an ancient method of food preparation, we have combined our ultra modern engineering services, in the form of our very own hog roasting machine units, in order to create a catering system that never fails to satisfy.

Our private party menus allow for such stunning food to be combined with the atmosphere you desire; be it informal or the polar opposite. Flame roasting whole hogs to absolute perfection, we arrive to your venue six hours beforehand (as this is how long it takes to cook a whole, delicious hog from its raw state). In the meantime before service, we can prepare your accompanying dishes and set the serving tables. So with summer coming, why not take your dining experience to a whole new level.

Along with party scenarios, we offer fully bespoke services in weddings and at corporate events and launches and have the experience to fully back up our boasts.