Hog Roast Suffolk

For those who've never been but somehow managed to form an opinion this part of East Anglia, Suffolk can seem like Norfolk's less interesting neighbour, but this is far from the case. Suffolk is famous for its role in Tudor Britain, beer, architecture and sporting achievements.

At Hog Roast Ipswich, we pride ourselves in delivering the best possible hog roast suffolk service at all times, no matter what the event is. We deliver our unique hog roast service as quickly and as sufficiently as possible. We will even clear up any mess we accumulate and will set up and take apart the hog roast machine in the quickest and most professional way possible. We are also aware how important appearances can be at events or gatherings, which is why we like to make sure all our staff look as immaculate and professional whenever we cater for our customers.

Being home to Greene King, as well as the fairly popular Adnams brewery, you'd be forgiven for developing a thirst for a local brew. However, there is the question of what to have to accompany a refreshing pint of IPA? Thankfully, all our spit-roasts go down well with beer, and we've got so much to choose from.

Whether celebrating a good win at the races, a victory for the local football team or for the plucky local underdog against a heavy favourite to win the tournament outright, there's nothing like having a nice, juicy roast pig to add to the festivities. Maybe you'll want to have one for the Christmas period, when there's plenty of sport on TV, whether it be football, darts or racing.

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If you're wanting to have a Hog Roast Suffolk buffet to invite all your friends and family to that couldn't make Christmas dinner, then we offer a range of options for you. Since we first started, we've been focusing on catering for that time of year as hard as any other period, and we want to bring our craft to your celebrations. One of our party menus would be ideal, and if you're feeling seasonal, then we do spit-roast turkey, served with cranberry sauce. 'Tis the season!

From Cockfield, Freston or Great Glemham, if it’s a hog roast event that you’re after, you need definitely not cast your eyes elsewhere. Built on the rock solid foundations of quality, the concrete of our resolve against failure stiffened by the steel of impeccable service assured, thus let your catered event become our culinary construction site. Our chefs will build with care unparalleled, the cement of delightful marinade the perfect surround the hearty pieces of slow roasted meat, together building up your smile, as the walls of hunger are demolished.

Locations we offer our services too: Martlesham, Needham Market, Newmarket, Stowmarket, Hadleigh, Wickham Market, Woodbridge, Woolpit.

But poetry corner aside, our trade has made us the nations favourite in the line of pig roasted catered events. Next is an excerpt from the hog roast event diary of one of our head chefs as he makes his way to sporting awards ceremony at a top end football club;

TO VENUE: Arrive at head office to read final hog roast briefing, see if any amendments are to be made as regards menu. Numbers of guests read as 1200, so a fairly big one but by no means something we cant handle. Drive towards ground, a private party with manager and all, maybe I’ll be able to show off my ball skills (Venetian meatballs maybe!) meat up with sous chefs and assistants at the venue 8 hours before serve time. Drive not very far but enough to run through everything again in my head. All timings with more than adequate leeway’s, no need to request additional support, this party is going to be excellent.

AT VENUE: Run through timings till all know by heart. Set 4 hog roast machines going with pigs attached, set seasonings and check. Everything good. Meet host, very nervous as team lost last weekend. Tell him that the manager will be easily impressed by this, no fear of an own goal! Serving staff arrive, sous chef to brief, I check they know all timings inside out. Check meat, its looking gorgeous, juices flowing. Start to prepare veg, set seasonings and dressings. Citrus inspired glaze for sweet potatoes, roasted veg otherwise to be prepared then added to machines to get the full basting power of an organic pig. Hope they are hungry.

Served canapés and aperitifs, everyone in high spirits, irrespective of recent loss. Manager wants to buy the machine already, everyone crazy for the technology. Flames dancing away as always creating the visual effects that we are known for.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Bildeston, Bungay, Bury St Edmunds, Felixstowe, Sudbury, Halesworth, Ipswich, Ixworth, Kessingland, Long Melford.

Main service impeccable, lovely people and highly inquisitive about their ingredients. These guys really are top athletes. Clear main and dessert served to the minute. Serving staff as bubbly as ever, the real lubrication in our service machine. Move, move, move and its time to clear dessert. Host ecstatic, everyone delighted with the food. Clear all away and make our goodbyes and departure.

Serving staff thanked and we toast a successful evening. Everyone now is tired

RETURN: back to HQ after sous chef and assistants retire home. Yet another glowing testimonial, yet another enjoyable hog roast event. Great food, great atmosphere and once again, impeccable planning leads to perfection on the night. Ready for the next hog roast event!

Suffolk is a great place to go if you wish to enjoy the beautiful natural splendours that exist in many places in Britain. Full of the great history of the British Isles which percolate and gather so copiously within the shining bounds of Suffolk, the lie of the land, coupled with the great aspect of the people, has helped to make our task so much the easier. Being the provider of a bespoke hog and spit roast catering service has helped to make us the entrenched and much loved catering specialist within the vast and varied region. From yacht based parties in Ipswich, to Wedding events in Sudbury as well as corporate hospitality functions in Newmarket, the breadth and scope as regards our flexibility within our catering framework has helped us to become the county’s favourite caterer!

The hog roast is an ancient phenomenon. Born out of common sense and a touch of human ingenuity, the idea of attaching a whole creature to a pole and then turning it over dancing flames is by no means a new idea. Dating back to when man first graced the world with his antics, the spit roast holds tradition at its vital core. Just as many people enjoy dressing up and pretending to be from the medieval times, we humans enjoy acting out and re-living the past in many different ways. Beyond nostalgia, these sorts of actions allow us to reveal and re-live our more animalistic sides of our collective personalities. Just as Dionysus did in ancient Greece.

Our modern approach to this ancient and highly theatrical method of food preparation is embodied within our usage of hog roasting and spit roasting machines which we manufacture and design entirely by ourselves. Hinging on cutting edge design with the employment of computer numerical controls, coupled with laser tooling of ultra tough stainless steels, our machines completely dominate the market. This translates, for our many customers from all walks of life, into a better and more enhanced sensory experience at all of your hog roast inspired events. With our clean gas burners, you can experience the glory of the hog roast either indoors or out of doors, which is great for when the good old British weather doesn’t always do as its told. The glass viewing panels allow for a great view of the hog, as it lovingly rotates towards its lovely, golden hue. Coupled with its rugged wheels for access all areas, we can offer to our customers, with total and utter confidence, that wherever you wish to have an event, no matter how seemingly outlandish, we can make it and conduct our bespoke roasts with absolute flying colours.

Along with our much loved party menus and garden function hog roasting capabilities, we also conduct ourselves in the glorious and precise arena of tailored wedding catering. As with corporate hospitality which are thoroughly involved in, we understand the necessity of perfection. So why settle for less? We never do.