Hog Roast Tyne & Wear

The sprawling, friendly conurbation of hog roast Tyne and Wear may be more synonymous with Newcastle Brown Ale than hog roasts, but that doesn't mean there's no local appetite for a good piece of wild pork. As is the case throughout the country, roasting a good hog is something that has proved very popular among the people of Boldon and Chopwell and their environs.

One such customer was a United defender, having only arrived in Kenton three years ago the new defender has tried ever so hard to adapt to the Geordie way of life. While on a shopping trip gazed lustfully at our shop window, and noticed one of our hogs dangling delightfully. Realizing that it was his girlfriend's birthday coming up, he felt that he needed a centre piece that showed that they were both willing to integrate themselves into local culture. As an Argentine, he loved his meat, and was eager to see how our quintessential British fare stacked up against the cuisine of his homeland.

After purchasing one of our Hog Roast Darlington hogs, he then asked if we could cook it at his girlfriend's birthday party, which was just a few days in advance. Although our schedule was packed, being a first-time customer, we didn't want to disappoint him, so we agreed to lend our expertise to the party.

On the day of the hog roast newcastle party, we arrived at their suitably opulent residence and set up camp in their back garden. As the hog started to caramelize, the guests began to file in. By the time everyone had arrived, the hog was just about ready. Being at the centre of the festivities, his girlfriend was the first to tuck in. She was very pleased with what she had just tasted, and invited all those present, including some of their family who had flown in from Argentina just for this party, and what they had was much better than anything on the menu in a steakhouse.

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“This beats anything I've had back home. Thank you Hog Roast Gateshead”, they both said in unison. The many guests present also gave us the thumbs up.

“I thought this sort of thing only happened in the middle ages or in rural Northumberland. I was a bit cautious about having roast hog, but I gave it a go, and now I want some at my next party”, cooed a former Newcastle striker. “I might have a party just so I can have a roast hog!”.

Locations we offer our services too: Birtley, Blaydon, Gosforth, hog roast Gateshead, Cramlington, Hebburn, Houghton Le Spring, Jarrow, Jesmond, Hog Roast Middleborough.

With a faces like that of Cheryl Cole, Hog Roast Sunderland is in the business of constructing beauty, not least in the sphere of the Hog Roast! To miss us you’d have to be mental, at parties our food is instrumental. Don’t be a uncouth or be a hater, if you want it good, then let us cater! Whether in the garden or on a beach, our quality makes our competitors reach. Reach too far for them to get to; so take a step up with us, because you deserve to!

Set in the heart of the North East, we believe in our Hog Roast Middleborough food because we believe in our people. Having lived here all our lives, we knew that the food we could offer had the power to change lives. Having completed huge charity food schemes, this, on our part, is by no means a hollow statement. Always confident of our ability to provide sensational hog roast restaurant quality food, we were determined to bring this level of sheer culinary delight into the realm of event catering. Having been the lucky guests of many events (why-aye!), we always found that the quality of the food was never as wonderful as the company, the surroundings or the fine sea air that greeted our nostrils. We set out a long time ago to change this. And change this, we have.

Embarking on an international spit roast voyage of discovery, our hog roasting skills left the regions of Ponteland, Chapwell and South Shields for climes anew. Whilst abroad, many techniques in the remit of hog preparation and meat marinating, were bestowed upon the head of these young, budding chefs. Seeing many indigenous tribes pursue wonderful cooking methods allowed us to return home completely unfearful of new and exotic techniques, intrigued by new challenges in the realm of spit roasting and, most of all, eager to bring our fusion of the traditional hog roast Tyne and Wear, modern styles and methods and our passion to make this region the centre of the UK’s pig and hogroast catered event scene.

Having now catered for well over a thousand happy clients in the area, from A-list functions right through to informal sorts gatherings, our capacity to cater for hundreds of guests whilst still retaining an absolutely optimal service has grown and grown. Aided by our home-built pig roaster machines, which completely outstrip their competitors in the market, we have been able to wow crowds at indoor events and outdoor parties alike, truly making the most of the hog roast as an entity; one which tastes exemplary as well as having the power to please all of ones senses.

Locations we offer our Hog Roast Middleborough services too.

hog roast Newcastle, North Shields, Ponteland, South Shields, Sunderland, Tynemouth, Washington, Whickham, Whitley Bay

Whether you’re having a catered event at a function large or small, we have total confidence in our ability to transform your event. As is the case with our hog roaster machines as it is with our catering service, what we offer you is the choice to have the finest quality food irrespective of location. Come with us on or hog roast journey, the ride is soft, the view is great and your lips will not be disappointed.

The season for the much celebrated garden party is almost upon us. As the sun shines its deceptively warm smile upon our admiring faces, we all look forward to getting together, sinking a few beers and eating some crackling food! And that’s where we come in. not just your average caterer, by any means, we cook food in a time honoured manner and the tastes we put on to your late are exceptional, they don’t even compare to standard out door or indoor catering. Great for small numbers of people as well as huge numbers (believe us, we’ve catered for thousands at a time), the hog and spit roast provides an exceptional way to provide restaurant destroying food in both an informal manner as well as formal, at a venue which you decide. Due to our machines being non-reliant upon electricity, our machines and chefs can provide a four course meal with canapés on a mountain top if you so wish it. Relishing a challenge, we still operate with the same ‘can-do’ attitude which facilitated our rapid growth and permanent position as the market leaders in fine cuisine.

Our culinary programme and scope of operations in the field of event catering is divided into three distinct arenas. Firstly is our private party catering set-up. Through our website, our customers can see the different menus within this sector. Beginning with a relatively straightforward yet extremely popular ‘Menu 1’ option, our customers can experience a huge turning hog, roasting slowly towards its state of golden readiness, accompanied with bread rolls, apple sauces and stuffing. With our expertly prepared crackling, this menu option underlines our ability to both serve simply sensational food, whilst also allowing for an informality not normally associated with food of this quality. A true sensory experience, this is highly popular with sports teams through to those who want to kick back in the summer and enjoy their day to the fullest extent. Getting more complex as the menu numbers rise, our chefs can concoct fantastic seasonal accompaniments that are sure to make your taste buds tingle.

Second is our wedding catering programme. Once again, through the use of our interactive website, our clients can view the various menus on offer. Once again, starting with relatively straightforward menus, the complexity that can be achieved is mind blowing. Utilising our chefs abilities to create and craft the finest canapés, our services have succeeded in moving many of our customers emotionally. Our immaculately presented chefs and serving staff re-define slick, whilst your guests can enjoy the full sensory impact of the roasting hog as it turns and bastes on top of the hog roasting machine. Combined with our numerous accompaniments, our wedding catered service from Gosforth, to Newcastle to Sunderland, has always hit the mark.

Lastly, but in some ways most intrinsically connected with the way we can shift our services to fit any landscape (as a chameleon shifts to suit its surroundings), we have our corporate hospitality service. Once again hinging on slick service combined with culinary perfection, our corporate menus and services have been a huge success. For all your catering needs, why settle for anything less?