Hog Roast West Yorkshire

Home to over two million people, hog roast West Yorkshire is one the UK's largest conurbations, but despite its large population, the county boasts a good mix of urban and rural environments. The western side of the county lies on the Pennines, the mountain range that acts as a natural buffer, while the eastern side is within easy reach of Addingham and Sowerby Bridge, as well as Wharfdale in the West Riding.

The northern part of the historical West Riding has a notable mix of big cities, small, well-to-do market towns and picturesque villages, all of which can provide the perfect backdrop to having one of our famous spit-roast pigs at your party, wedding or corporate function, regardless of whether you have it in a small back garden, recreational park or even a spacious churchyard. Whether in the buzzing inner city areas of Addingham, the bohemian calmness of Sowerby Bridge or the steep inclines of Luddendenfoot, anywhere in the most densely populated area of God's Own County is great for having a hog roast at your function. Because having a hog roast is seen as grand and expensive, you'd be forgiven for thinking that if you lived among the tightly-packed Victorian terraces of Allerton or Wharfdale, there simply wouldn't be enough room to have a hog roast as the centrepiece of your celebration, but you'd be wrong.

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Accommodating one of our delicious, affordable and organically-produced hogs is easy, even for those of you with a small front or back garden. Our equipment measures no longer than ten feet wide, and is very easy to use. A hog roast can take up to eight hours to cook, depending on the size of the pig, but to keep it going is very easy. Ordering a hog roast from us is very simple. All you have to do is contact us through our website (visit the contact page), or if you've developed a taste for cooking your own roasts, you can buy a machine from us. They are a great product and we wouldn't blame you if you did!

Among other things, we cater for weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, graduation parties, corporate events and award ceremonies. As well as a hog roast, we can also provide side dishes and, if you need it, you can hire some of our very reliable staff to cook and serve our produce. For a list of menus, packages and costs, please feel free to search the side menu on our website.

The luscious and beautiful landscapes which symbolise the area around Sheffield make for simply the finest places to have a great hog and spit roasted catered event. The proximity to Rotherham makes the areas which are in and around the glorious Sheffield centre allow for a fantastically eclectic and diverse range of people to come into contact with us; and this is something which we truly love.

Locations we offer our services too: Halifax, Holmfirth, Goole, Horsforth, Huddersfield, Knottingley, hog roast Leeds, Mexborough, Mirfield, , Normanton, Otley, Pontefract, Pudsey, Rawdon, Shipley, Stocksbridge, Todmorden, Wakefield.

Here at hog roast caterer, we believe that quality time spent amongst friends and family is of paramount importance – and this is nowhere more the case than when eating. We all know that a wonderful feast is the best way of bringing people together, and with our celebrated hog and spit roast catered events – this is exactly what we do. By taking the catering norms and giving them a thorough shake-up, we have the ability to provide the people of Sheffield with food which is beyond their realms of comprehension. By utilising the ancient yet unbeatable method of meat roasting which you use, the meats which we serve are far more tastier, and far more naturally nutritious than any other form of cooking. Beating restaurants around Barnsley hands down, our whole meats, slowly flame roasted over glowing spits, are enough to melt the most ardent of critics. Our hog roast Sheffield meats are all sourced from the best fields, the vegetables which we use in our much-loved side dishes also come from areas where we can hand select them. By combining hand picked ingredients, slow roasting over flames and highly skilled chefs – we combine to create a unit which has helped to make peoples dreams come true.

From Hog and spit roast Wedding catered events in Doncaster, to corporate catered events in Barnsley – our menus and service style ensure that your event could not be catered in any way better. Our garden parties provide the loveliest way for our Rotherham clients to kick back, relax and enjoy the great weather. As well as our host of service options, we also offer our clients the opportunity to hire our hog roasting equipment – so by covering all of your hog roast Doncaster needs, we ensure that the best is always at hand.

The fantastic region of Sheffield is famous for many things. The people, however, are the most brilliant export. Built on hardship, and tempered by laughter, the folk of Rotherham and Doncaster have it all. But, where many have failed to break the spirit of the people of Barnsley, the prospect of great food had the potential to really lift everyone up on high. However, all is not lost, as hog roast caterer, with its years in the trade, has lifted the region out of the culinary dark ages.

Our bespoke and tailored hog and spit roast catered events hinge on using simplicity in order to make food-based dreams. The whole meats which we use, including pigs, lambs, chickens and turkeys, are slowly flame roasted in order to achieve the most surreptitious food. Our hog and spit roast catered events, however, offer so much more than just food.

Set amongst the true mystical history of the North, let your heritage be reflected in your next hog roast catered event. From the heath land beauty of Haworth down to the picturesque succinctness of Ferrybridge, all within this stunning part of the world should be consuming what we know to be the finest food available today.

No matter what size of function or party you wish to cater for, we have the ideal edible solutions! Large weddings, huge anniversaries or just a big old barbecue bash by the river, our company prides itself on bringing you only the finest. Instigated nearly 35 years ago, our ability to create restaurant obliterating food has made us the gem of our Isle.

Where many have only just recently become enlightened as to the benefits of utilising only the most fresh and organic local produce for our hog roasts, due to our outlook on ingredients and the fact that we are blessed with some of the most lovely crop growing scenarios in the UK locally, this has been a continual facet of our existence since our beginning. Harnessing the natural goodness of locally reared meats and vegetables alike, we have been able to cater at parties where the food has been truly memorable.

In order for us to achieve the sky high standards of food quality that we set out to deliver at events, it was imperative for us to manufacture a range of pig and spit roasting machines which were able to warrant usage by us. Put simply, none existed on the market. Harnessing the artistic, design and engineering talents from those newly qualified from nearby institutes, Hog Roast West Yorkshire is proud to boast machines which comprehensively outclass event the nearest competitor. Through zero emission technology, our machines are as safe for indoor use as they are delightful for use outdoors. The full CE verification process proves this, despite the fact that our specifications make the necessary requirements for such an award seem archaic. The stainless steel laser tooling allows for unprecedented strength, whilst holding true to our designers wishes (which include artistically inspired lines) as well as durability that will ensure years and years of service-hitched. Various models, the ability to hire as well as buy and the fact that you can see these specimens being made in our showroom facility ensure that you, the customer, will feel completely secure and intrigued by your purchase.

Locations we offer our hog roast services too.

Batley, Bawtry, Bingley, Bradford, Bramhope, Burley in Wharfedale, Castleford, Cleckheaton, Dewsbury, Elland, Featherstone, Garforth, Guiseley, Keighley, Heckmondwike, Haworth, Hebden Bridge.

So for your complete spit roast needs, come and pay us a visit. Or get in touch by more modern means, your choice. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of our region and our customer contact is what keeps us at the front. Apart from providing us with the revenue to continue and expand our menus, services and manufacturing, you have also helped us to truly appreciate what it means to cater for people. It’s the delight you feel in your hog roast catered event that keeps us proud that we can do it again and again and again.

The exceptionally beautiful county of Yorkshire is, for many reasons of topographical and societal nature, divided up into sections and individual regions. Just as the Earth is carved up into respective states as regards the territories and governments whom reside within them, the people whom reside beyond and through such man-made boundaries are essentially the same. We all love good food, we all like great company and we’ve yet to meet any who don’t love Hog Roast Caterer!

Our crucial crux that forms the essential core of our catering enterprise is our steadfast approach towards the usage of the hog roast and/or the spit roast. The slow, flame roasted approach towards this aspect of catering allows us to utilise and to serve meat which has been cooked in the best way known to man. Instead of relying on man made and modern methods such as convection ovens and the like, we capitalise on the ancient and time honoured approach towards food preparation. As since the time that humanity was effectively walking and moving across the earth, people in their caves and hovels in the earth were using this method of food preparation also. With simplicity at its heart, the hog roast today relies on the same crucial elements that it did all that time ago; simple and fresh ingredient in the form of the whole hog or creature to be roasted upon the spit combined with the slow roasted progress of using dancing and flickering flames, which lovingly lick the sides f the haunches and flanks in order to create culinary wonder.

Our catering services fall neatly and deliberately into three distinct categories; wedding bespoke catering, corporate hospitality tailored catering services and our much loved private party personalised menu options.

Our private party menus allow our customers to gain the greatness of a hog roast at any location they choose, be it on a hill, in a valley floor clearing or on the cliff over-looking the valleys and rivers below. These menus begin with the seemingly straightforward, incorporating whole hogs being lovingly roasted and combined with the tantalising utilisation of home prepared, floured bead rolls, apple sauce and stuffing. With simple being the order of the day, sometimes simplicity allows us to appreciate the finer things; each other. And the finer the food which accompanies such social interactions, the greater the quality of the social interaction which so joyfully ensues.

Our corporate hospitality catered events have been part of our key success. From Halifax, Leeds, Wakefield, Keighley and Huddersfield, our business events as regards the employment of our bespoke catering services has helped to create the best atmosphere for our clients’ business meetings and dealings. Focusing on perfect service through the usage of our experienced, confident and crucially courteous service staff, our serving solutions have been the backbone to many a sealed and signed deal.

The much adored private service solutions which we continually and bounteously provide to our many thousands of customers have come to symbolise us; through effortless, charming grace, we provide food to your plate which could, if that way inclined, bring you to sprouting tears of joy.