Spit Roast Gourmet Meal by Chef & Griddle

- Please Choose One Option From The Following -

Spit Roasted Pig - Roasted Whole to Perfection at Your Venue. Served with Professionally Presented Crackling, Along with Freshly Made Stuffing, Served Piping Hot with Delicious Bramley Apple Sauce.


Spit Roasted Spring Lamb - Flame Roasted Whole to Perfection at Your Venue. Seasoned with Fresh Herbs Served with Mint Sauce and Mustard and Dill Sauce.


Spit Roasted Turkeys - Roasted Whole, served Golden and Wonderfully Moist. Served with Delicious Piping Hot Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce.


Spit Roasted Chickens - Local, Roasted Whole Over Dancing Flames. Served with Piping Hot Delicious Stuffing.


Spit Roasted Sirloin of Angus Beef - Roasted to Perfection and Served to Your Liking with Horseradish Sauce.

We can serve more than one option from the list above, however this will be subject to an extra charge.

- Along With -

Vegetarian Option
Delicious Spanish Quiche, Made Using Capsicum Peppers, Field Mushrooms and Sweet Onions.

- Served With -

Three of the Following Freshly made Salads, Made on Site By Our Chefs:

Cherry and Beef Tomato Salad, Served with Hand-Torn Buffalo Mozzarella - Drizzled with a Home-Made Dressing and Fresh Basil

Spring Green Leaf Salad, with Peppery Watercress Shoots, Lollo Rosso Lettuce and Endive Leaves - Hand-Prepared and Dressed by our Chefs

Indulgent Hand-Made Coleslaw Salad

Crispy Thai Salad, Made Using the Freshest Bean Sprouts - Dressed with our Secret Recipe Dressing

Waldorf Salad - with crunchy Apples and Celery, Dressed in Home-Made Mayonnaise and sprinkled with Fresh Walnuts.

Classic Caesar salad - Comprising the freshest Cos lettuce, Crisp Bacon, Parmasano, Anchovies and Croutons - All Dressed with our Special Caesar Dressing.


Seasonal Vegetables

- Served Alongside -

One of the following Potato Options:

Home-made New Potato Salad - Light and Flavoursome
Warm New Potatoes - Prepared and Glazed in a Delightful Herb Butter
Jacket Potatoes - Buttered and Seasoned
Freshly Sourced New Potatoes - Roasted With Fresh Rosemary And Garlic.

- Served With -

Freshly Floured Bread Rolls with Local Butter.

A Selection Of Exquisite Hand-Made Sauces and Condiments

This Menu Includes Serving Tables, Royal Doulton Crockery and Napkins - Served as a Buffet

This price is fully inclusive of all costs, we bring everything we need with us to cover preparing and serving your chosen menu there are no hidden costs or extras. If serving inside we will provide serving tables if serving outside we will bring gazebos to work under and provide cover.
All of our refuse to be cleared discretely and taken off site.

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