Hog Roast Caterer Main Course Canapés & Desserts
by Chef & Griddle

(Please choose Four)

Handmade Gourmet Sausage
Served Hot, Glazed in Honey With A Whole Grain Mustard Dip.

(V) Mini Pizza
Classic Tomato And Mozzarella Pizza Topped With Sliced Greek Olives.

(V) Dim Sum
A Selection of Fine Chinese Appetisers Served With a Sweet Chilli Dip.

Indian Selection
A Selection of Mini Indian Snacks.

Pate Encroute
Smooth Brussels Pate Piped Onto Crusty Garlic Croutons.

Smoked Salmon on Fresh Brown Bread
With Black Pepper and Fresh Lemon Zest

Peking Duck Wraps
Roasted Duck in a Honey and Mustard Glaze Wrapped In Chinese Pancakes with Ginger.

Roast Beef in Yorkshire Pudding
Mini Yorkshire Pudding Filled With Finest Beef Fillet And A Horseradish Dressing.

(V) Haloumi Kebabs
Griddled Chunks Of Greek Halloumi Cheese Skewered With Caramelized Onions and Peppers.

As your guests arrive at the venue our hog roast caterer staff will serve a selection of fresh, homemade canapés. You can choose four different canapé choices from the list above. If you prefer we can do more than four but there may be an additional cost.

Main Course

- Please Choose One Option From The Following -

Whole hog roasted pig- served with Apple Sauce, Piping Hot Stuffing and Crispy Golden Crackling.

Spit Roasted Spring Lamb - Flame Roasted Whole to Perfection at Your Venue. Seasoned with Fresh Herbs Served with Mint Sauce and Mustard and Dill Sauce.


Spit Roasted Turkeys - Roasted Whole, served Golden and Wonderfully Moist. Served with delicious Piping Hot Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce.


Spit Roasted Chickens - Local, Roasted Whole Over Dancing Flames. Served with Piping Hot Delicious Stuffing.


Spit Roasted Sirloin of Angus Beef - Roasted to Perfection and Served to Your Liking with Horseradish Sauce.

You can choose one option from the list above. We can do more than one option but there would be an additional cost.

Vegetarian Option
Delicious Spanish Quiche, Made Using Capsicum Peppers, Field Mushrooms and Sweet Onions.

All served with fresh salads or vegetables made by our fully trained chef

(salads choose three)

Tomato & mozzarella salad with basil dressing, classic Caesar Salad, crispy Thai salad, waldorf Salad, fresh green leaf salad, home made coleslaw.
Seasonal vegetables

Then Choose One Potato Option

New Potato Salad, Warm New Potatoes In Herb Butter, Jacket Potatoes, New Potatoes Roasted With Rosemary And Garlic.

This menu includes Freshly Baked Crusty Bread Rolls and is served with a selection of sauces.


Choux Pastry Buns loaded with Whipped Cream and smothered in Chocolate Sauce.

Chocolate Torte
Individual Delicious Chocolate Tortes, with a soft sponge base.

Lemon Tart
Individual Tangy Lemon Tortes.

Individual Cheese Cakes set on a Crunchy Biscuit Crumb Base.

Fresh Fruit Salad
A Refreshing Dessert of Fresh Seasonal Fruit.

We will prepare on site and dress with fresh cream before serving.

Price Includes Serving Tables, Royal Doulton crockery And Napkins.

This price is fully inclusive of all costs, we bring everything we need with us to cover preparing and serving your chosen menu there are no hidden costs or extras. If serving inside we will provide serving tables if serving outside we will bring gazebos to work under and provide cover. All our refuse to be cleared away discretely and taken off site.

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